Mandie’s Constipation & Big Mess

Mandie was constipated for days and tried everything she could to help herself have a movement. Nothing worked until she was given a mini-enema. She tried to hold it as long as she could, as Daddy insisted it would work better that way. It didn’t take long for her to lose control, however, and what followed is a very full diaper that left a massive bulge…

Note: Mandie’s Constipation & Big Mess Video Sample is copyrighted and property of and it’s owner. Please feel free to share as long as the watermark is left intact and the video unedited.

Note: All girls on Diapered Online appear voluntarily and are not subjected to diaper punishment against their will. If you enjoy seeing gorgeous diaper girls being punished, please enjoy these sample clips. If not, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

7 comments on “Mandie’s Constipation & Big Mess

  1. I am in a full body cast and this happened to me a lot. I go once every week and i poop non stop for sometimes 5 days would love to be in a video. My home nurses never change me some times I’m lucky if I get every week it’s so painful. I want to die. You are so much nicer than they are.

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