March: Update #1 – 4 Diaper Girls

Four diaper girls for you this update!

1. Cici needs to stay in shape, so she looks amazing as always in her diapers. She uses Daddy’s Total Gym to get in a good workout and tone that hot little body.

2. Daisy is wearing multiple very wet diapers, so decides to change herself. After changing into a fresh diaper though, the urge to pee strikes again and she soaks her new diaper as well.

3. Donna has been a very, very bad girl. Daddy locks her in the pillory and spanks her ass with the belt until it’s bright red and welted. Then he pulls out the enema gear and uses the inflatable nozzle to make her hold the 2 quart enema for several minutes. Finally she releases into the diaper to make one stinky, messy diaper.

4. Yuki is very playful today, so she has lots of fun with her toys while drinking from her baby bottle.

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