Messy Diapers?

Okay, so I’ve realized that the vast majority of the emails and comments I get are in reference to the messy diaper scenes on the site. While the majority are compliments and requests, enough are complaints that I feel I need to address some of these points.

Are they really messy?

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Do you fake any of your messing videos?


Why does such-and-such videos look like such-and-such?

Every girl messes different and individual girls mess differently based on how I got her to mess.

With unassisted messing(no enema or suppositories), the vast majority of messy diapers simply show a bulge in the diaper with no visible discoloration. Their are exceptions though. If the girl already had a very wet diaper, then some color will bleed into the moisture inside the diaper and create a speckled looking mess. Also, the bulge created depends entirely on the firmness of the mess. A firm mess creates a nice visible bulge. A soft mess might show little or no bulge at all.

Assistance through use of enemas creates a whole new set of issues that people like to pick apart. If I give a girl an enema and she already has a soft mess brewing, then it tends to turn it into a brown slurry of mud. When expelled, it soaks the diaper dark brown. Girls with firm messes expel to create a blotched mess pattern. Girls with firm messes that are forced to hold an enema for a lengthy period of time tend to expel muddy messes as well.

Suppositories(my favorite) have seemingly random effects on different girls. Some never really develop the urge from suppositories, while others are desperate to mess after two minutes. Suppository induced messes into already wet diapers tends to create  a marbling effects as viewed from the outside of the diaper. Induced messes into a clean diaper tend to create a bulge that quickly becomes a visible stain. The reason I love them so much, is if used on a girl that is actually a bit constipated, she will end up with a HUGE bulge in her diaper. Nikki once experienced this type of messy bulge.

There are other complaints as well. Mostly about cuts in the video where certain scenes had to be edited out. Unfortunately certain things can not be shown on video or I could get into serious trouble. If a messy diaper fails to contain a mess, that portion of the video has to be edited out. Also, some girls do not wish to have certain things in their videos and I must respect their wishes and privacy.

Another example would be a certain video that somewhat commented on how it looks like she’s messing out of her tailbone. That particular video was the result of a posted idea to use baby diapers as stuffers. Since baby diapers obviously have the plastic backing to prevent leaks, it created a barrier in the diaper and prevented her mess from soaking through the adult diaper in that area.

Basically this information is just so I don’t have to keep explaining the same things over and over. I still value your input though, so don’t hesitate to email me if you have a question, suggestion or idea. =)