November 2016 #1

This update, we have seven videos for your viewing pleasure. As always, requests and suggestions are welcome.

1. Mia and Taylor are minding their own business in the nursery, when older sister Rainbow brings her friend Red in to tease and embarrass the diapered girls.

2. It’s time for church, so Red tells Olive to get dressed. As expected from a little, Olive dresses herself in a ridiculous outfit that she couldn’t possibly wear to church, so Red has to strip her down and put her in something more appropriate.

3. Once again, Red has been caught trying to use the toilet, so Daddy gives her a mini-enema and locks her in the cage. It’s not long before she loses control and fills her diaper. Now she is going to be stuck there with a disgusting diaper until Daddy decides she has learned her lesson.

4. Mia has been bratty, so Daddy bends her over the spanking stand and restrains her wrists and ankles. As he pulls up her dress, you can see the thick black diaper she is wearing underneath. Using a leather paddle, Daddy reddens her butt good.

5. Alisha is kicking back, texting her friends, when she needs to pee. Since she is thickly diapered, she just relaxes her bladder and soaks the diaper. Of course, the warm squishy diaper feels amazing and she is quickly masturbating to a glorious orgasm.

6. Taylor isn’t feeling well, so Rainbow comes to check on her. After checking her forehead, she realizes the girl’s diaper is soaking wet, so she changes her into a fresh diaper.

7. Mia is bored in the nursery, so she decides to play dress-up and do a fashion show for her stuffies. Adorable!

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