November 2016 #3

This week we have seven videos we’re sure you will love. We also have a brand new diaper girl, Kajira. This gorgeous redhead is a wonderful addition to the site, as we’re sure you will agree.

1. Kajira wakes up soaking wet, so she changes into a clean diaper – adding a stuffer for extra absorbency. She picks out a cute onesie and shortalls that she pulls over the thick diaper. Once dressed, she moves to the mirror to brush out her hair and do her makeup, before it’s time to start the day.

2. Mia is fully aware of Daddy’s view on skimpy panties, but she still tries to get away with wearing a pair to go meet her friends. When Daddy comes to check on her, he discovers the panties and immediately pulls her over his lap for a long, hard spanking with the hairbrush. After blistering her butt, he decides to put her in a thick, plastic diaper that her friends should really enjoy. Knowing better than to argue, she dresses over the thick diaper.

3. Alisha finds herself in jail in what is supposed to be a temporary holding cell. If she needs the bathroom, she is supposed to ask for a female guard to take her. Unfortunately, a female guard is not on duty when her bowels begin to cramp. She calls for help, but the guard only brings her a disposable diaper to use. With no other choice, she makes a big mess in the diaper and then has to wear it until a female guard is available. As the hours pass, she is resigned to wearing the disgusting diaper, but hoping for a female guard soon. Unfortunately, the jail food is not helping and she is soon making a second mess in the diaper – this time it is a nasty case of diarrhea.

4. Rainbow and Mia come into the nursery to find that Daddy has left them a surprise – new crayons and a puzzle! They decide to do the puzzle first, opening the box and putting all the pieces together.

5. Red has a very full bladder, but she finds herself a little pee shy. That is when she desperately needs to relieve herself, but can’t seem to get it to flow. After shifting from position to position, she finds that standing and squatting a little is the easiest way to trick her body into releasing the contents of her bladder. Watch up close as she soaks the diaper.

6. Taylor and Mia are having fun on the train tracks right next to well traveled road. They both strip off their pants, exposing their thick diapers, as they walk on the tracks and playfully jump around. They got several odd looks from drivers, but these girls don’t care.

7. Mia walks into the nursery, naked butt on display. Her previous diaper was quite messy and had to clean herself up, since Daddy isn’t home. She chooses a thick, white diaper and adds two stuffers to make it extra thick. After sliding it under her butt, she powders herself and tapes the diaper tight. The sheer thickness of the diaper is going to make her waddle, but she loves it!

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