November 2016 #4

This update, we have seven great videos for your perusal. Check them out and feel to make suggestions for future videos. 🙂

1. Kajira is locked in the pillory for an enema after refusing to use her diaper. The inflatable nozzle is inserted into her butt and pumped up several times to keep it firmly in place. This naughty girl then takes two full quarts of soapy water and must hold it for thirty minutes to allow it to do its job. When the nozzle is finally removed, she struggles to hold it, but quickly loses control and fills her diaper to near capacity. Good thing she has a stuffer in there.

2. Taylor is not feeling well. She hasn’t had a bowel movement in three days and she’s desperate. The only option is the one that works the best and that is a mini-enema. She squeezes the small tube of medicine into her butt and waits for the results. Within minutes, she is uncontrollably filling her diaper, which is clearly visible as it forms a large lump in the seat.

3. Mia is just getting home from school. She takes off her skirt and puts away her book bag, then kicks back on the bed to relax. Her small SDK diaper is soaking wet after a long day of learning and she needs some tension relief. She begins to rub herself through the diaper, which feels amazing, but she really need the Magic Wand to get herself off.

4. Red and Taylor have found themselves in jail, both diapered thanks to be putting in a cell without a toilet. Before long, Taylor desperately needs to have a bowel movement and is embarrassed to mess her diaper while her cellmate watches. Red herself needs to have a bowel movement as well, but she waits until Taylor is asleep before positioning herself to fill her own diaper. Now both girls need to wait until morning, so a nurse can take them to change.

5. Alisha decides to tease the camera by unsnapping her onesie* and untaping her diaper. Giving everyone a full view, she pees right onto the open diaper and puts it back on.

6. Mia is taking a bath and having fun when Taylor came to join her. Daddy told her to save hot water by having them bathe together. They color on the tub with the bath crayons, play with the toys and get clean. Then it’s Taylor’s job to get Mia into a new diaper. Mia fibs a little and tells Taylor that Daddy lets her wear Pampers size 6, so she diapers her up and then went and told him. When Daddy finds Mia in the living room, he spanks her for lying to her sister and puts her into a thick, full size diaper.

7. Taylor is coloring in the high chair. Daddy put her there to keep her out of his hair while he works. When she feels her bladder straining for release, she spreads her knees and soaks the cute diaper thoroughly. She loves the feeling of a warm, wet diaper and rubs herself a bit through the plastic backing before returning to her coloring.

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2 comments on “November 2016 #4

  1. I miss Taylor being babied, with pacifiers, bottles, onesie…
    I would love to see her sucking her thumb and regressed after she wets her big girl panties and act like a baby, with someone taking care of her (David for exemple) with pacifiers baby bottles nap in the crib playing in the nursery and feeding (and spankings Of course) including several diaper changes (and pampers if it’s fit her) in a long and awesome Video…
    Please it would be really great….me and my friends would buy it immediatly !!
    A diaper sleepover with Taylor mia raimbow and alisha would be great too !
    PS: thanks a lot continue like that !

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