November 2017 #1

First update for November 2017. Enjoy and please keep those requests coming in. 🙂

1. Pookie hasn’t messed her diaper in a while, so Daddy gives her a Fleet enema while she lays on the couch. It works quickly, causing her to erupt into the thick diaper within minutes.

2. Mommy Lolly brings Muffin to the nursery to check her diaper and change it if needed. When she finds it dry, she realizes Muffin hasn’t been drinking enough. Being the great mommy she is, she asks Muffin if she wants to feed and gets an enthusiastic yes. Stripping off her dress, Mommy Lolly shows off her own thick diaper as she climbs up into the crib and pulls Muffin to her breast. For the next several minutes, Muffin breastfeeds happily as Lolly pats her diaper. When she is finished, Lolly climbs out of the crib and tucks Muffin in for the night.

3. Alisha is strapped down to the changing table with her legs held up in the air. She has been given a mini-enema to clean her out. She does not disappoint, as she slowly fills her diaper, creating a sizable and very noticeable lump in the seat of her diaper.

4. Muffin is chatting with her friends on the computer when Daddy comes and tells her it’s time to get ready for bed. She tells everyone goodbye, but hits the wrong key and leaves her webcam on. Everyone in chat gets a show as Daddy strips off her pants to reveal her wet pullup and puts her into a thick babyish diaper for bed. It’s not until she sits up that she notices the chat is still running and closed the computer – humiliated beyond words.

5. Pastel is locked in double thick diapers and locking plastic panties, because she tried to sneak to the bathroom without permission. A few hours later, she is coloring on the floor of the nursery when her bladder becomes desperately full. Knowing she won’t be allowed to use the toilet, she relaxes and soaks her diaper thoroughly. It’s going to be a long night in wet diapers for Pastel.

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