October 2016 #4

This week, we have seven videos of adult baby girls, diaper punishment and discipline. Featuring Alisha, Olive, Mia, Rainbow and Taylor.

1. Alisha is in trouble, and Daddy is angry, so he puts her on the changing table and removes her pants and panties. A diaper is slid under her butt. Daddy dons a latex glove and lubricates the girl’s butt before sliding multiple suppositories into her ass. To make sure she doesn’t push them out before they’ve had a chance to work, he follows them with a butt plug. After taping up her diaper, he makes her kneel in the corner for twenty minutes, giving the suppositories time to break down. To assist with the process, he pushes a button on a remote and the butt plug begins to vibrate, making her jump.

After Daddy removes the plug, he puts her in the crib to take a nap. However, her nap is interrupted when the suppositories kick in and she fills her diaper, creating a massive lump in her seat. She is going to stay that way until bed time, so she can learn a lesson about what is expected of her.

2. Rainbow leads Mia and Taylor into the nursery for their punishment. The girls have earned a spanking and Nanny Rainbow doesn’t disappoint. Using her hairbrush, she reddens both girl’s butts. Then it’s back into thick, proper diapers for the girls. Afterwards, it’s time for a nap, because Nanny Rainbow needs some alone time.

3. Mia is killing time in the crib, when she becomes overly aroused in her boredom. She opens her phone and finds one of her favorite diaper girl pictures as she uses the magic wand to bring herself to multiple orgasms.

4. Olive is locked away in jail, wearing a diaper due to the lack of toilets. She has held her bowels for so long, she is impacted and in desperate need of relief. The guard sends for the nurse, who gives Olive an enema and tapes up her diaper. It works wonders and within seconds she is filling her diaper.

5. Daddy insists that Red needs an enema, so he locks her in the pillory to keep her from resisting. The two quart enema is prepared with warm, soapy water and he has attached the long nozzle to make sure she gets thoroughly cleaned out. After she takes all of the enema, he fastens the diaper up tight and tells her to hold it for as long as she can. Only a few minutes pass before she loses control and fills the diaper.

6. Taylor is enjoying a bath, when Daddy comes in with her sister Mia. He insists there is no need to waste hot water, so he removes Mia’s soaking wet diaper, wipes away the urine and puts her in the tub with Taylor. Despite their trepidation with bathing together, the sisters have fun playing with their favorite tub toys.

7. Mia is playing on the stairs in her thick and wet Lavender diaper. Daddy is working, so she knows he won’t notice that she isn’t being very careful as she slides down the steps on her diapered butt. It doesn’t take long until the baby is tired out though, so she curls up on the landing and takes a nap.

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