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October 2017 #1

October 5, 2017

First update for the month of October. Is everyone looking forward to Halloween? How many of you are dressing in diapers for the holiday? 😉

1. Pastel is getting ready for shooting, but needs to do her hair and makeup. Still thickly diapered, she gets on the floor and carefully applies her makeup and brushes out her hair. Loving the feel of the double thick diapers, she shifts position frequently to feel the padding shift between her legs.

2. Alisha has been holding her bowels for two days. She really dislikes messing her diaper, because it’s so embarrassing. After fighting with cramps for hours, she manages to fall asleep. Unfortunately, sleep is exactly the opportunity her body needs to release her bowels anyway. Exhausted and still sleeping, she fills her diaper with a huge load that leaves a massive lump in her diaper. Great video for fans of messy diapers!

3. Pookie is lying in bed, fantasizing about all the fun stuff she does in diapers. The thoughts get the best of her, though, and she is soon lost in the fantasies playing in her head. She starts by rubbing herself through the thick diaper, but when that proves inadequate she grabs the magic wand for a real treat.

4. Pastel has slept in on a school day, so her daddy has to come wake her up. He changes her soaking wet diaper and tells her to get dressed. Still sleepy, she tries on multiple outfits, but they all make her diaper a bit too obvious. Finally, she decides on a cute top and skirt, completely oblivious to the the fact her diaper can be easily seen below the hem of her skirt.

5. Alisha is wearing an adorable onesie and thick diaper as she cams with her friends. Of course, everyone asks repeatedly if she’s wet, so she decides to show them just how wet she is. Unsnapping her onesie, she spreads her legs and shows how swollen and squishy her diaper has become.

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