October 2017 #2

Halloween is coming up. I hope everyone is excited. Definitely my favorite holiday. 🙂

1. Pastel loves to play Nanny to big boys and girls. In this POV clip, she shows you the nursery and then puts you in a thick, absorbent diaper. Afterwards, she gets down on the floor with you and plays with blocks and other toys. She sees you peeking at her diaper, so she pulls up her skirt and lets you see her own adorable diaper. When she notices you yawning, she decides it’s nap time and puts you down in the crib for a nap. Of course, you’re just so adorable she has to take a few pictures for her memoirs.

2. Pookie recently had a birthday, so Daddy owed her a good hard spanking in celebration. Of course, all of his spanking instruments wanted to wish her a happy birthday, so they took turns blistering her butt until it was a red and bruised. Happy Birthday Pookie! You’re amazing!

3. Alisha is wearing an adorable space diaper while she colors a picture on the nursery floor. Can anyone tell if the aliens are missing yet? These cute diapers have a wetness indicator that makes the aliens disappear. lol

4. Pastel got in big trouble and her Daddy gave her a big dose of castor oil to teach her a lesson. When it kicked in, she tried to sneak to the toilet, but got caught. To keep her from trying again, he locked her in the stocks until she messed her diaper. It was so humiliating, she bawled her eyes out as the diaper filled up over and over again. This is by far the most embarrassed she’s ever been.

5. Summer is sitting in the yard, her thick diaper clearly visible under her short plaid skirt. Her bladder is aching for release, so she simply relaxes and floods her diaper right there in the yard for any of the neighbors to see. Such a naughty girl.

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