October 2017 #3

Third update for October! Enjoy! 🙂

1. Lolly hasn’t messed her diaper in several days, so Daddy checks her temperature with the rectal thermometer and finds it normal. Not sure if she has been sneaking to the toilet or is simply constipated, he decides to give her a two quart enema with warm soapy water. Using the inflatable nozzle, he insists that she hold it for over fifteen minutes as she lays on the table cramping horribly. When he finally removes the nozzle and tapes up her diaper, she unleashes a torrent that threatens to overcome the absorbency of the diaper.

2. Muffin is playing with her toys, dressed in a thick diaper under her adorable shortalls. She is wracked by cramps and turns around to release her bowels and fill her diaper. Turned on by the humiliating act, she grabs the magic wand and brings herself to a powerful orgasm.

3. From Pastel: I wanted to do something special for Daddy, so I decided to make him some cookies. All the ingredients were on the counter and I climbed up and started mixing everything together. Unfortunately, I only managed to make a big mess, getting flour and sugar all over the kitchen – and all over myself! (I also ate all the chocolate chips before I finished the batter.) Not to be defeated, I decided to cheat and grabbed the pre-mixed cookie dough from the fridge and cooked those instead. Daddy will never know I didn’t make them from scratch! :p

4. Pookie is playing with her new pirate costume and gets a little carried away with her stuffies. When she makes the poor decision of getting Daddy’s real sword and playing with it, she’s in for it. Daddy catches her and pulls her across his lap for a long, hard spanking. Playing with swords is dangerous and this is a lesson she won’t forget.

5. Alisha is wearing a thick diaper and a cute onesie adorned with ghosts. Halloween is right around the corner and this is her new favorite onesie. As she awakes from a nap, she spreads her legs and feels the wet diaper rub across her clitoris. Lost in waves of passion, she begins to rub herself through the thick padding, but her hands are not up to the task. Getting up on her knees, she tries to rub against a pillow. It helps, but it’s still not enough. Desperate for orgasm, she shifts herself to the edge of the bed and begins to rub her crotch against the corner of the mattress. It works wonderfully and within minutes she is having one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Spent, she curls back up and returns to her nap.

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