October 2017 #4

Happy Halloween to all those that celebrate it! I know a lot of us ABDLs love Halloween, so I really hope you all have a wonderful and safe time. 🙂

1. Pastel was very bad and her daddy took away her phone as punishment. Angry, she runs to her room and throws a tantrum – tossing stuffies off the bed, kicking her feet, and even spanking her teddy bear. When she tires of the tantrum, she curls up on the bed, thumb in her mouth, and nods off to sleep.

2. Muffin is a bit constipated, so Daddy pulls back her diaper and gives her a mini-enema. To ensure she focuses on emptying her bowels, he insists she stand by the crib until the medicine has kicked in. Fifteen minutes later, she is uncontrollably filling her diaper until a large lump forms in the seat. When Daddy returns, he pats her diaper and tells her she is a good girl.

3. Alisha is wearing double thick diapers with a stuffer. Daddy doesn’t trust her not to leak, so she is extra padded while he’s off at work. While he’s gone, she has a list of chores to finish and this clip shows her cleaning the nursery as she waddles around the room.

4. Taylor is locked in the stocks, a spreader bar keeping her legs wide, as she waits for her punishment. Daddy likes to be devious and come up with appropriate punishments and he can’t have her running around the house as he plans. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Taylor, her sister Pastel has her own plans. Showing up with the magic wand, she presses the vibrating monster against Taylor’s diaper until she orgasms multiple times. It’s not all fun and games though, as the telltale wetness in Taylor’s diaper is sure to increase her punishment when Daddy finds out.

5. Muffin has a playdate, so she is getting ready. First, she pulls a cute red and white onesie over her thick diaper and snaps the crotch closed. Next comes an adorable pair of white shortalls to keep it all hidden while still looking little. Fully expecting to need a diaper change, she loads up the diaper bag with clean diapers, wipes and powder. As she heads for the door, she remembers to grab a stuffie for company.

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