October: Update #1 – Seven Diaper Girls

This week we have TEN videos featuring SEVEN diaper girls! Enjoy!

1. Several people requested a video of Star giving herself several suppositories and making the biggest mess she can. Not want to disappoint, she inserts several suppositories and then waits for the result. As she lays on her back, waiting for the result, she becomes exhausted from the exertion. The load is sizable, but she is disappointed that it wasn’t bigger. As constipated as she made herself, she expected much more. You be the judge if it’s big enough.

2. It’s Rainbow’s bedtime, so Mommy Adriana comes to check on her. Finding a wet diaper, she changes her into a clean one and then cuddles up next to her on the bed until she nods off.

3. After refusing to mess her diaper in jail, Mandie is cuffed to the bars after being given an enema. She desperately tries to avoid messing her diaper, but it is inevitable. Watch as she fills her diaper and the disgusting brown stain spreads through the seat of her diaper.

4. Adriana is taken into her room, where Dominic spanks her and then uses the Tawse on her already pink bottom. Afterwards, she is put into a thick diaper to complete her punishment.

5. Jackie knows it’s diaper time, so she strips down and waits on the changing table for Daddy. A few moments later, he enters the room and expertly tapes her up into a thick disposable diaper.

6. Red has heard all the rumors about Mr. Bear’s prowess with pleasing the diaper girls, so she decides to give him a shot. She is not disappointed.

7. Taylor is incredibly horny thanks to the thick wellness brief she is wearing. Unable to control her urges, she pulls out her trusty Hitachi and pleasures herself until she has an amazing orgasm.

8. Mandie and Red are having fun, waiting for bed, when Mommy Adriana comes in and informs them it’s time to get ready for bed. She puts them both into thick diapers. When Mandie smarts off, she gets a good spanking before her diapering. Then both are put into pajamas and sent to bed.

9. While folding laundry, Adriana realizes she desperately needs to have a bowel movement. Knowing the rules, she positions herself as comfortable as possible as she releases a completely unassisted mess into her diaper.

10. Adriana has been bad by talking back, so Mommy Star puts her back in diapers. When she argues about her punishment, she has her legs lifted into the diaper position for a firm hand spanking. Mommy Star doesn’t stop until Adriana’s butt is bright red. Then it’s back into thick diapers for this bad girl.

4 comments on “October: Update #1 – Seven Diaper Girls

  1. I would like to suggest the “Addie” experience. You wrote about her in your blog a few years ago. (2009)

    I would also like to see your messy diaper trick you mention on the home page.

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