September 2016 #1

This week we have six amazing videos featuring some of your favorite diaper girls. Enjoy!

1. *Excerpt from Mia* In this video, I went to a session with Nanny Rainbow. I was really shy and couldn’t adequately explain what I was looking for, but she figured it out rather quickly. As soon as she saw the diaper I was wearing, she stepped right into her role as Nanny and decided that I needed to be punished for not telling her everything.

First, she changed my wet diaper and then made me sit in the school desk wearing only my diaper and a bonnet while sucking on my pacifier. I had to write lines with a crayon while she prepared the crib for me. When the crib was ready, she dressed me in a sheer babydoll nightie and put me in the crib while she prepared a few things in the other room.

I was so turned on by all of this, I began to touch myself. Nanny Rainbow walked in and caught me doing it, which led to my next punishment. After a few swats on my already bruised butt, she pulled out a onesie with mittens and a straitjacket. After dressing me in both, she fed me a bottle of milk in the crib. Knowing she couldn’t trust me alone for a nap, she decided to remove the straitjacket and put me into the cage.

After a short nap, she returned and released me from the cage. To teach me a lesson about self control, she had me spread my legs while she used the magic wand on my diapered pussy. She brought me to the edge of orgasm several times only to pull away at the last moment. Our session ended with me overly horny and desperate for orgasm.

2. Taylor and David have gone camping. Taylor is a little worried about being seen in diapers, but David assures her anyone that sees her will never see her again. It doesn’t make her feel much better, but she knows he’s right.

By the time they get camp set up, Taylor’s diaper is already soaked through. Daddy takes her into the tent and changes her, so she doesn’t get a rash when they go fishing.

Taylor then spends a few hours fishing on the shore of the lake, while Daddy explores the area. She has no luck catching any fish, but it’s very relaxing and she enjoys herself. When Daddy comes to get her, he checks her diaper and then walks with her back to the campsite.

The following morning, her diaper is once again soaked as Daddy wakes her up for breakfast. He changes her diaper again and then they leave the tent to enjoy the delicious food.

3. Mia was very careless when Daddy took her out that morning. She opened the door on his brand new car and slammed it into the wheel of the truck parked next to them. The result was a serious ding in the edge of the door that will require a good amount of work to fix. Her punishment is a long, hard spanking with Daddy’s hand and his hairbrush. By the time the spanking ends, her butt is very bruised and she is a very sorry girl.

After the spanking, Daddy puts her into a thick diaper after rubbing lotion on her bottom. As upset as Daddy is about his car, once her punishment is complete, all is forgiven.

4. Taylor has been feeling stressed out the past few days. Mommy Rainbow doesn’t like seeing her little girl so upset, so she plans a special restrictive high chair feeding for Taylor. Rainbow wants to force regress Taylor and give her some loving attention in order to get her mind off things.

Taylor sits in the high chair as instructed, but is surprised when Rainbow begins putting mittens on her hand to prevent movement. Once her hands are secured, the tray is put on the chair and Taylor’s legs are tied to the high chair. Taylor is even given a bib to complete the look and to keep her clean while being fed.

Mommy feeds Taylor yogurt as she sits in the chair helplessly. Afterwards, she makes Taylor struggle to hold her bottle between her mittens to drink it by herself. Once Rainbow is satisfied that Taylor has ingested enough of the diuretic laced water, she unties Taylor and lets her out of the high chair.

5. This is a secondary angle for a punishment the girls received a while back. Taylor is locked into the pillory and Mia is bound over the cage. Their daddies give them both enemas – Taylor gets a two quart bag enema, while Mia gets a syringe enema with extra soap. After taking their enemas, Mia is placed in the cage and Taylor is left in the pillory while their daddies go off to do daddy stuff. Both girls mess their diapers within moments of each other, but they will be stuck there until their daddies return.

6. Daddy doesn’t have time to change Mia’s soaking wet diaper, so he tells her to go ask Taylor to change it. When she asks her sister to change her diaper, Taylor says no at first, but the threat of Daddy’s wrath convinces her to do as requested. Up on the changing table Mia goes, where Taylor carefully changes her into a clean diaper with lots of powder. Mia teases her sister about her own diaper being soaking wet as well, but Taylor refuses to let Mia change her.

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