September 2017 #3

Update #3 for September 2017. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Pookie is in bed, trying to keep her mind off her growing cramps. She knows she will soon lose the battle and fill her diapers, but she is determined to avoid it as long as possible. This clip picks up just as that time comes and she kneels on the floor to fill her diaper.

2. Alisha is playing with some blocks on the nursery floor when the cramps hit hard. Daddy had given her a laxative that morning, because she hasn’t messed her diaper in three days. When the cramps become too much to contain, she clutches a pillow and tries to find a good position to relieve herself. Right away, she feels the pressure release as the diaper struggles to contain the contents of her bowels. By the time she is finished, a sizable bulge is clearly visible in the seat of her diaper.

3. Muffin and Lolly are having fun and playing pool. They aren’t taking the game too seriously, opting to play by ridiculous rules rather than competitively. Of course, everyone can see the thick diapers under their short skirts.

4. Summer climbs out of the crib in the morning and gets ready for the day. A cute shirt and shortalls will do a good job of covering her diapered butt, but she is still nervous and checks for telltale bulges multiple times.

5. Pookie opens up her new crayon maker and puts it to use. After unboxing it, she melts a few crayons in the tray and creates some wonderful crayon rings. Her adorable diaper is clearly visible under her cute tights.

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