My name is Pamela and I'm a normal person with, what some would call, abnormal desires. I haven't always had a diaper fetish. I developed this fetish while helping my ex-husband to develop his. You see, he has had a diaper fetish for many years. He told me of his fetish during our first year of marriage. He thought I would hate him for it, but it simply cemented our relationship. It was a great turn-on for me to know that he trusted me enough to tell me about this part of himself. Not many men would have the confidence to share this side of themselves.

During our marriage, we delved into the diaper drawer as often as possible. Our sex life was fantastic. His passion for me, while diapered, soon grew into a diaper fetish of my own. I began to fantasize about all the things we could do while diapered and we built up quite a collection of adult baby stuff. It was absolutely wonderful.

Unfortunately, our marriage ended due to other complications, but I still enjoy being an adult baby. I have a huge collection of adult diapers in both cloth and disposable variety. I spend a lot of time as a diaper girl and I wouldn't change it for the world.