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Daddy DomQ. What is a Daddy Dom?

A. A Daddy Dom is person that is very paternal and enjoy playing the dominant role in many types of roleplay – age play, domination, diaper punishment, diaper discipline, etc.

Q. Why did you decide to become a Daddy?

A. Well, I’ve had the desire for a long time. When I was young(maybe 12 or 13), I had a crush on a neighbor girl. Then, one day, I saw her being diaper punished by her mother. That is a long story, but I felt very sorry for her. Then she told me she actually enjoyed it and would purposely do things to earn that punishment. Since then I’ve been hooked on the idea of diaper punishment.

You can read more details here: MrWashington’s Story: How I Became a DaddyDom

Q. How did this web site come about?

A. In 1995, I met a girl that was interested in diaper punishment through a local fetish paper. She had posted an ad looking for a daddy dom, which I answered. We met in person a couple months later and had a lot of fun together. The internet was still pretty new at the time and we discussed the idea of opening a web site with photos of her in diapers.

After a bit of research, I learned to build a web site and everything else that was required to do so. We posted her photos and the site took off like crazy. We had so much traffic in the first month that our bandwidth bill was over $900. Neither of us could afford to pay it, so that site went under fast.

I researched a bit more for the next couple months and discovered I could post pay per click banners on the site to help offset the cost of the bandwidth. It worked at first, but there was no net gain at all. That didn’t matter so much, as we were doing it for the enjoyment. However, I wanted to include other girls on the site and all the other ABDL girls I had met at this point were not interested in modeling unless they were paid.

So, the next incarnation of the site used an AVS(adult verification service), which cost a small monthly fee of about $15. At first, people were very angry about this, but I didn’t think it was fair that I should foot the entire bill for other people to enjoy my work and I stuck to my guns.

Fast forward several years and the AVS model had gone by the wayside. Too many fly-by-night AVS services had ruined the reputation for all of them. The only way I would be able to afford to hire girls would be to transform the site into a proper pay site. Being a pay site, the income allows me to continually improve the content and shoot video rather than just photos.

And that is where we are today…

Q. How do you find all these diaper girls?

A. At first, I met them through other ABDL girls. Being lucky enough to have met one made it a lot easier to meet more through her. It seems a lot of ABDL girls like to chat with each other. However, now that the site is fairly well known, I don’t have to find them at all. They email me fairly consistently. The vast majority of the girls featured on Diapered Online are girls that contacted me expressing interest in being diaper punished by a daddy dom with a positive history. It can be scary to submit to someone you don’t know and I think my reputation has helped tremendously.

Q. Why are you so fat?!?

A. LOL! I get a surprising number of emails from people complaining about my weight. The fact is, I was not always this heavy. In 2006, I was 190 lbs and in great physical shape. Then the silent killer – high blood pressure – struck me down with a stroke. I had to relearn to walk and assorted other basic activities. I gained a lot of weight during my recovery, which I am slowly working off, though the excess weight has created its own problems which makes losing weight difficult. Eventually I will find the right path and get back on track.

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  1. first off my e-mail was made as an alterative one becuas ei didnt want any of my other e-mails used. so its a real e-mail i will check but the name has nothing to do with me. im 23 years old. im not an “adult baby” i dont want to be a baby at all but be myslef and punished in diapers and spank by daddy. i gusse you would say im a lil gilr not an adult baby. im about 135 lbs and 5’6 i dont want to be featured online but id love to experience you. i dont know what else to say. im a well rounded “normal girl” jsut have this great need to be punished by daddy when im bad

  2. Hi Daddy J

    Always loved your work! I’ve been into the ABDL lifestyle for as long as I can remember (I think it started the day I was potty trained :-)). Anyhow, thanks for adding the Ms. Savannah material. I love seeing lovely ladies in diaper situations but I also enjoy the femdom aspect of the fetish. It’s too bad that so few women/dommes understand this fetish. I would love to see more POV from Ms. Savannah or Natalia for that matter. I live close by (PDX) would love to some day experience a true diaper domination scenario. Thanks again, Dnine

    1. I agree 100% I am a total sub and I wish i could find a domme to really test my fantasies for me mabea for a week or a month of full on diaper punishment and forced sissification so i could see if i really and truley love this lifestyle as much as i think i do phx ps if anyone around here can help me let me know

  3. hey man i hear you about the weight. but I can actually help you with that. Iv been working out for 7 years and been looking up a lot of ways to build muscle since im skinney. however along the way iv picked up how to lose fat, and everything physical you can think of to be healthy. check out p90x. its geared towards people like you. if you have any questions email me at mikeguten@hotmail.com

    1. I actually have P90X. I’ve been losing weight since my stroke, but it’s very, very slow. Mostly because the health problems are causing liver issues. The catch-22 is that losing weight will solve my health problems, but my health problems are preventing me from losing weight quickly. I have managed to lose about 60 lbs since my stroke, but that’s not much in 5 years. =\

      1. I understand that completely. If you want to go at a slower pace that is less intense, check out power 90. That is the program before p90x

  4. Dnine I agree we fantasize about punishment. I want to feel ashamed of myself and diapered for humiliating me into submission. Actually found a domme but he wants me to give up email and all passwords for blackmailing me. No more clothes. 6 month eval period and after that I will be sentenced to serve a term for how long he feels. Six months is a long time. He wants to make it real and diaper me 24/7 with a shamefully thick diaper that will be obvious that I’m wearing it for punishment. Layered 12 thick so I’m waddling and listening to the crinkling constantly acknowledging that I’m not in charge and diaper punishment is in effect. I’m turned on by this scene he has set up for me but its real long term, and no fetish play. I will be spanked 6 or more times daily and he won’t stop for begging or pleading. My ass will be sore everyday and nobody will care how I feel. If I want it to all stop I’ll be exposed for diapering and paddling myself. Then I get diapered and paddled for real. No games. Lived 24/7. That’s fun and exciting but reality will set in eventually. I think that’s what he’s looking for though, knowing I want out and can’t do anything but keep getting punished. He wants real punishment. Scary blackmailing myself to make sure I follow through with my punishment fully. This way if its not what I like, I chose it and will suffer the consequences for it and not control my punishment. I’m desperate to make my diaper punishment fantasy real. I’m willing to be punished for six months if I have to in order to make it happen. Do I make the leap of faith? Embrace my fetish or learn that I don’t want it. I’ll fantasize about it til it happens so what do I do?

  5. I’ve always looked for a Daddy to punish me and enjoy , problem is I am shy, but when I see what you’ve done here.. I am really interested.

  6. Hi Daddy J

    Love many of your videos on the site, My question is really simple and maybe you have already answered it. Where doyou buy all your diapers? Do Girls buy them when they come to visit, I would love to have that many diapers at any given time. Have you ever changed a stinky diaper on camera before?

    1. I get them from the assorted manufacturers of ABDL diapers. Rearz, ABUniverse, Bambino Diapers, etc.

      I have changed a lot of stinky diapers, but I can’t do so on camera for legal reasons.

  7. My questions concern payment for being a member:

    1. More important: what will happen when I won’t have credit card? Do you accept other ways of payment like debit card or PayPal?
    2. Second question concerns membership: let’s assume that I buy membership for 1 month. Is after this period this membership will prolong automatically? What will happend when I won’t buy without earlier cancelling membership? Will I have troubles or simply my membership will cancel automatically?

    I hope you are able to understand my question. TIA for any answer.

    1. 1. If you wish to pay via PayPal, you can email me at webmaster@diaperedonline.com and I can give you the details to do so.

      2. Most memberships are recurring. If you cancel, your membership will end at the end of the term and you won’t be charged again. If you remain an active member, you will be charged monthly.

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