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If you have questions about the site, need support, have a request or comment, a message for one of the girls or simply want to say hello you can contact me at I read every email I receive and try to respond to all of them.

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    1. hello, I just joined the site diapered online. The registration was successful, and can access the video page … only that but I can not see them and even download them. What can I do? Thank you!

      1. Hi, if you could please respond, because I’m paying for a service that I am using. In fact I can not download and watch the video. Thank you!

        1. Email is always best. I don’t peruse the comments section very often as there are hundreds of pages on the site.

          If you are having trouble watching the videos, it is almost always a browser issue. Try using a different browser first. Other than that, I’m not sure how to help without access to your computer. The site itself is fully functional.

          Hope that helps.

  1. 30’s, but hot girl, slim, looking for just the kind of punishment you seem to dish out! love being diapered, and messing my diapers, and am definitely deserving of a spanking. Interested?

  2. I was wanting to try something new but I need some help. Does anybody know of any medicines or whatever that I could get at a local store that make you involuntarily have to pee or poop? (Like what are some strong diruetics or laxatives that will make me go even if I try to hold it back?)

  3. Can you start dishing out messy diaper over the knee spankings or massages? Maybe some diaper harnesses too? and not like just after an enema, like after a real legitimate mess that the girl made herself.

  4. Hey there i was a member on this site for about six months and i had to bail cause the videos took forever and were all choppy, but for the first like 4 or 5 months before you switched to a new video viewer it worked awesome! I really wanna join again let me know what i can do!!! Miss those girls!

    1. Best bet is to download the videos directly and watch them in your own viewer. If the videos are slow to load and choppy, it is usually a sign that the connection between your computer and my server is slow. Downloading the videos before watching will resolve this.

  5. Love your site,

    would love to see one girl giving the other a suppository..possibly OTK ๐Ÿ™‚ explaining the suppository and what it is for, then putting diaper on to expel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. really would love to see more vids like the old ones on katherine “readymade” especially when she is having the mess pushed all into her butt, then shown off naked with the mess on her, like the her first chunk and full treatments vids

  7. What happened to the first update in February? I was just getting ready to join the site to get that update. Now it is not there. What happened to it?


  8. Is there any way you could work some smoking into some of the videos? I love diapers and smoking. I’d love to see a diapered girl smoking an all-white 120. Just wondering. Thanks.

  9. Good morning DaddyJ,
    In going over the poll results I see that white diapers are the most requested. I would like to send some diapers to you. There is a brand of diaper on the market called Unique Wellness Brief. They are a light blue. For some reason when getting wet, the wetness is really visible. I like the diaper scenes in which the girls wet their diaper. This brand of diaper will have the pee readily visible. If I sent some to you, would you be willing to have your girls try them on and have a wetting scene? Also, I don’t know how it would look on an enema expelling but it would be interesting to see. If you are interested just contact me via my email.

  10. Heyos! Fairly new to the site, as I’ve never done paysites up until now. This site had enough content and updated regularly enough that I determined it to be worthwhile.

    Now then, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but I’d like to know if there is any particular reason behind the lack of Readymade videos. They are definitely my favorites out of all the videos I’ve seen, as they have close-ups of enema-releases as well as audible messes (something I’ve found relatively lacking in most of the videos on this site). If you are able to contact the Readymade pair and inquire why there have not been any new videos in however long it has been, I would be most appreciative!

    Thanks for your time,

    Furlock O’Donnell

  11. What kind of blue diapers is Amber wearing in the peeing videos? I’ve never seen those blue diapers before and would like to know what they are … thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. is there a way to film the girls faces also while they expel and mess their diapers? also is there a way to save a whole photoshoot pic file to the comter istead of one by one

    awesome site by the way, love it

  13. Me and my girl love what you do, however some constructive criticism,

    Please fix the site.. is so hard to navigate.. your last update, would never be able to find. have no idea where to look. It needs some serious help. I have no problems contributing so please take this as positive feed back. The main page before login, is good, but passed that it is very confusing. What is new, how to search, grouped or themed topic, who ever does your web site needs to be more proactive towards your loyal customers also.

    thx. for everythings.

    1. On the right hand side of the member’s area, you should see a link titled “Latest photos and movies”. If you click on that, it will show you a list of videos in order of most recent. =)

      1. I see what you mean about the RSS Feed Update. You have lots of good stuff on the main page (before login) with links to comments and information. Its very easy to over look when your a member, I just click login and thats it.. Well all that wonderful stuff is not to be found “inside” the members areas. Would it be unreasonable to have a page very similar to the main page “inside” the members areas. I think that you will get much more exposure of your added comments and information to the members, giving them feeling of being part of your community, not just privileged to get additional content. Maybe we can interact with the models, Q&A.

        Very best Holidays!!!

        PS Thank you.. My girl friend made be go get her a magic wand.. best thing with a diaper for her. Both of us would like to see more punishment using those type of toys.

        Also.. ABRI SAN Premium 11 for the girls that like thick diapers.

  14. Hi. just wondering if you are planning to maybe go to a supermarket or something with one of the girls, give them a supp in the bathroom and then shop around with a candid camera? and then just wait for the enema to take effect… hehe
    in short a longer video in public

  15. Hello, for payment options I find only 1 or 3 month period, recurring. What would the price be for non-recurring ? I have no problem with longer periods (up to 1 year).

  16. Hey,
    I just wanted to join your site after watching the previews. But i only saw creditcard as paying option, and i dont have one. Is there any other way to pay?

  17. hi u seem to have alot of experience with enemas and i know ur not a doctor,but i was curious of 2 things……….. 1 what do u use to make ur enemas u use in the big bag ones not disposable enemas??????

    2 also after giving an enema or receiving on what is the longest u can and should hold it in for without causing any damage?????

    thanks look forward to ur answers!!!

    1. 1. Mostly just use water. When I want a more extreme reaction or if it’s for punishment, I will dissolve some glycerin suppositories into the water. The glycerin makes it much harder to hold. You can buy liquid glycerin as well.

      2. The only real dangers when dealing with enemas are;

      Holding the bag too high. For a standard enema, the bag should be about 18″ above the nozzle. For a punishment enema, 36″ would be the max. Any higher could cause pressure problems.

      Holding a large enema for too long forcefully. If you take more than a gallon, make sure you are able to release when the urge is too strong. Forcing someone to hold it longer could cause water toxicity in the blood.

    1. I use plain tap water. A general rule of thumb(with obvious exceptions) is that if you would put it in your mouth, it’s safe to put in your butt.

      As for how many suppositories, just be sure to read the dosage info on the brand you buy. I use two or three of the ones I buy and have never had an issue.

    1. I don’t think there is an unsafe limit outside of the obvious. I have given up to a dozen enemas in one weekend before. The real problem comes with long term, repeated enemas. The colon needs an opportunity to establish a culture of beneficial bacteria to keep you healthy. If you wash away that bacteria too often, it can create real problems.

      A dozen enemas in a weekend should be fine, but don’t do it every weekend. Maybe every other weekend at most.

  18. I would like to see Natalie given a shot then locked in cage like Dolly was and make her wet and mess her diaper with no control

  19. Hello,

    I want to have a 1 month membership but havenยดt got a credit card.

    Is it possible to pay by Paypal?



  20. hi yes i need to know how to delete my account i love this site but unfortunately at this time i have to stop it ๐Ÿ™ so please tell me how to delete my account

      1. Ok, thank you. I did not see that. Also, your site is nice and all, but it was just not truly what I was looking for.

  21. wondering if you would be interested in a new diaper girl? i am just curious as to how i go about this and such. please fill me in on the details. im interested!

  22. A suggestion:

    Please consider acquiring one of those giant enema syringes that are occasionally featured in enema fetish videos. I’m not sure where you would find one, but they apear to hold somewhere between 0.5 and 1 quart of liquid, and the tip is a small smooth nipple (maybe an inch long), intended for insertion. They allow for fairly rapid delivery of liquid, and a typical scene appears to involve refilling the syringe twice (or even 3+ times) with a nearby bowl of liquid.


  23. I see entries next to name but do not see any videos before 12/2011. But I have noticed that there should be available.

  24. Heya DaddyJ just wanted to let you know this site is great! And to all the DiaperGirls you are all awesome – it’s nice to see you all in those cute adorable diapers and actually using them! Keep up the good work all of you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Would like to know why you dont have any chunky or big women in diapers on here why just skinny women

    Just asking dont mean any disrespect to anyone

  26. Women who love be with a man who also love wearing real nice adult diapers and adult baby plastic pants with nice looking colors.

  27. Hey I just wondered if any of the members ever want 2 c boys/men in these situations.(pics or videos) I realize people like hot girls in diapers etc. but guys in diapers can b fun 2 because we can put our self in there place. I have noticed many of the stories have boys or men in the diapers at times.
    Just curious if i am alone in thinking this?
    Its not even about gay straight or bi as much as the fetish.

  28. Hello,
    it is wintertime and I saw two clips in a sow overall with Adriana. Did plan to publish this videos in the holiday season?

    Have a nice weekend

  29. Understood.. unfortunately that will end any chance of me as well as a lot of others paying for a membership again I believe.. Not furious, but am unhappy, I’ve been a member on and off for the past 4 yrs.. think that should have been mentioned that downloads weren’t an option anymore before I paid my money.. it is a safe assumption that since I’ve always been able to download before, that I should expect to be able to this time, true?.. I do appreciate the response at leats though..

    1. That is unfortunate, however the few members I may lose isn’t even close to the losses I was taking by making the videos downloadable. Very few sites offer their videos for download for a reason. I found out that reason firsthand. Too many thieves and pirates prevent it from being an option anymore.

      It’s very simple for me. If the videos are downloadable, this site will be out of business within a year. If the video downloads are disabled, it will stay up and running indefinitely. Easy choice.

    2. Since I’ve gotten so many emails about the download links, I did a bit of research and found software that will tag each video as it’s downloaded. Then, when they are pirated, I can track who downloaded it and go directly to their ISP and take legal action. Should have most of the download links up within a couple of days of having it installed.

  30. that’s a step in the right direction then… I don’t want you to go out of business, but of course I want to be able to watch the videos on my laptop by downloading them and not just streaming them and being able to only watch them as a member, I should be able to enjoy the content after im not a member.. if you found a way to track it, that’s great! bc I truly and honestly download them my own personal use only!.. is it too much to ask to extend my membership an extra term to make up for the fact downloads were disabled for almost all of my cuurent subscription?

    1. I think you missed the point for the most part.

      This is a membership site and, as far as I know, the only ABDL membership site that allows downloading. The point of a membership site is for members to have access to the site. If you join for one month, download all the content, then cancel… it’s counter to the design of the site. Without recurring memberships, we can’t afford to pay the girls to keep coming back.

      Lack of recurring members and rampant piracy is what is causing this crisis. The new software will help prevent a lot of the piracy, but if recurring memberships don’t pick up the download option will be removed again.

      Also, the ability to download is a BONUS, not an expectation. The only reason I added it in the first place, is because so many people had viruses and bugs in their browsers and were unable to stream videos. Of course, they tried to blame the site, so I spent way too much time trying to help people figure out their browser problems.

  31. So I want to be fair, me and daddy J had a civil argument and difference of opinion on here past few days about downloading content and such.. I complained alot! Now to be fair, he added a download feature back today on the updates, btw updates were good as well; as is most of the content on here anyways.. but did want to thank you of course and let ppl know u do listen to the customers.. thanks again.. if possible can you email me? I have some ideas I’d like to share about some potential scenes. Maybe get your thoughts on them

  32. Hello DaddyJ,
    unfortunately since yesterday I canโ€™t look in to the member area. The after entering the password, I see only the public side. This is the behaviour with IE11 and Firefox 26. Please have a look into this.


  33. Hello,

    It looks like your e-mail has a problem so i write you here.

    New girl Pastel is just adorable !!

    Could i just make a little request ?

    In the nursery she could have an accident in her big girl panties, and then her daddy could make her sucks a pacifier and Plays with her favorite doll while he diapered her in a so cute diaper ? (cushie diaper ? <3)

    To finish he could dress her in an adorable baby pyjamas, give her a bottle, lay on his laps, read her story and put her in the crib with her pacifier… she would be so cute !!

    And what become sammy ? She's adorable…

    Have a good Day !

    PS : i miss see Taylor suck a pacifier, especially while she's diapered or change…

  34. Hey Jeff just wanted to say that I love the website, but are you gonna soon have more updates featuring the ever popular Taylor? I noticed the last couple of updates didn’t feature any content with Taylor in them at all.

  35. Hey Daddy J.,
    Just wanted to say that the website rocks and I hope you will be soon featuring more updates with the ever popular Taylor in them. Keep up the good work!

  36. hi,

    i write because i have a special request for christmas… i have a dream : see a little girl put back in diapers at this occasion. it would be so cute, isn’t it ?

    starring Taylor or Pastel for exemple (with a babyish voice) the video would show a baby girl in pullups (under her pjs) wake by her mommy/daddy in her closed crib. she is changed of her wet pullup on the change table (she sucks her thumb), then carry to the three to open her presents with a pampers t-shirt.

    and her first gift would be a package of baby diapers (the most babyish, Pampers would fit them ? ab cushie otherwise?). she don’t understand, and ask why in a baby voice. her daddy/mommy (rainbow ? lolly?) answers since she had a lot of a accidents recently, day and night (last one this morning) it’s obvious she is not ready for big girl panties and so put back in diapers ! and treated as the big baby the is.

    she is lay on a change mat, near the chridtmas three. she has a big smile, she’s looks like very happy ! daddy/mommy put a printed pacifier in her mouth and her favorite teddy in her armsn she is diapered and cooed, as the baby she is, while she acts really babyish, her arms lays on the floor, looks at her mommy/daddy or plays with her teddy.

    she applaused when a fresh diaper is left for her :

    “who have to wear this diaper?”
    “meeeeeee!” (under the pacifier)
    “why ?
    “cauz’ i’m a babyyyyy !

    and see it put on her while she looks daddy/mommy with a big smile. she doesn’t move and is adorable.

    then she is put in an adorable onesie (mommy’s baby girl ? little girl wear pampers?).

    at the end she makes a big hug to her daddy/mommy and said “thanks!” dozen of times, really happy.

    the second present is a baby bottle. daddy/mommy gives it to her (she drinks her favorite juice), while she’s lays on her/his laps. she does a little blurp at the end, helped by mommy/daddy.

    at the end of the video her diaper is checked. she’s already wet !

    “”mommy has took the good decision by putting you back into diapers sweetie, hun ?
    she nodded and applaused again.
    “i believe my little baby girl will have to wear it all her life…” she/he he said to her before she ask the permission to open her other presents, really excited !

    i think it would be so cute and have a lot of success…

    thanks for all again ! continue in this way !!

    i wish you a merry christmas !

  37. I would like to see plastic pants on the girls over their diapers.Plastic pants are cuter and more babyish over the diaper.Right now,Candy is about the only girl with plastic pants,and i would like to see more of the girls in cloth diapers and plastic pants.This is a great site!

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