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01/03 – Happy New Year!

January 3, 2019

1. Red is bound in the crib. The camera is looking down at her from over the rail. She has been given three suppositories and is desperately trying to keep everything contained. Of course, she loses control and fills her diaper in short order – and everything is recorded for posterity.

2. Bunny and Iris are having a play date. First thing they need to do is get into some thick and thirsty diapers. As Bunny strips down to be diapered, Iris grabs a diaper and changes her from a pullup into a crinkly Rebel Rearz diaper. When it’s Iris’ turn to be diapered, Bunny chooses an adorable Lil Monsters diaper from Rearz to pad her friend’s beautiful butt. 🙂

3. Alisha changes Red’s diaper in this adorable photo set.

4. Alisha gets home after a long day at work. Her diaper is wet, but not wet enough to change. She strips down and puts on a cute onesie for bed. She climbs into the crib and falls asleep right away. She really was exhausted.

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  1. That photo of Alisha patting Red’s diapered bottom is so sweet! I wish I had a mommy to take care of my diapered butt. 😉

  2. Happy New Year!

    I’m hoping to be able to experience some diaper discipline of my own this year. The mommy I’ve been talking to is coming to visit in a few months. I’m so excited!

  3. Bunny and Red are so cute !
    I guess it would be lovely to have a girl (bunny, taylor ?) Put back into diapers at christmas, in front of the tree, opening her presents..what do you think of that ?

  4. I think its so good to be a baby again. Well diapered an ready for bedy ! And she will not be allowed to leave the bed so that she have to use the diapers.

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