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01/15 – Diaper Girls: Bunny, Iris, Picky & Red

January 15, 2019

1. Bunny brings her science fair partner home to go over plans. She tried to avoid it, but couldn’t find a good enough excuse to change the venue. She figured it was safe, since Mommy Red would be at work for a few more hours. She is so worried about finishing their plans and getting Picky out of her house, she doesn’t even realize her bedwetting chart is prominently displayed above her bed. Something Picky notices right away.

Unfortunately for Bunny, Mommy Red has come home early. When she discovers Bunny still wearing pants, she demands that she remove them. House rules forbid her to wear pants over her diapers while home. As Bunny strips to her diaper, Picky is almost overcome by laughter. Mommy checks Bunny’s diaper and decides she needs to be change. As she changes the poor girl, Picky is secretly taking photos.

Mommy Red tells Bunny to take out the garbage before they continue their plans. While Bunny is out of the room, Picky sends the photos to a friend and calls to tell her about the incident. Bunny returns is confronted with an ultimatum from Picky – do the project alone or be exposed to everyone at school.

2. Red is coloring on the floor when the urge to move her bowels hits hard. After struggling to hold it for a few minutes, she knows she can’t wait and finds a comfortable position leaning against the bed. With alternating views of her face and her diapered butt, she does her business and fills her diaper.

3. Iris and Bunny are dressed up in their superhero jammies, which is too much to resist for these two littles. They begin to playfully spar, as they pretend kick and punch in an epic battle of diapered supergirls.

4. Picky and Bunny keep arguing and fighting, so Mommy Red decides they need to be punished. She takes them to the nursery where each girl goes over her knee for a butt reddening spanking. After that, she puts them on the changing table and changes them from pullups to proper big baby diapers. Perhaps they will learn to behave.

5. Red is decked out in goth baby attire – black diaper, black shirt, black background and purple blanket. She wants to color, but is in the mood for something darker than princesses and ponies. Luckily, Daddy printed out some great coloring sheets and she decides to color the little alien with a giant bong. 🙂

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  1. That would be so embarrassing to have your wet diaper exposed in front of schoolmates and then changed! I think I would have died.

  2. Mommy Red is so sexy. She should have used the hairbrush on those naughty girls’ butts. Thicker diapers and sent outside to play as well. Let all the neighbors tease them to teach them a lesson.

  3. You are the luckiest man on Earth to be able to play with all these beautiful diaper girls. Bunny is new favorite. Picky is pretty awesome too. Definitely would like to see Mia or Adriana with both of them.

  4. Thanks a lot for this fantastic update it was just awesome !! Bunny is the cutest baby girl i ever seen with Taylor and Mia…she’s my new favorite.
    I hope you will make more videos like that, they’re so cute ! Taylor, Mia and Bunny would be adorable together… i would love too to see more picky diapered, she’s so sweet.
    Maybe you could make a next to the first video ? Picky stay at night and is teasing bunny. As punisment she is diapered by red for bed, with a pacifier during diapering, to humiliate her…it would be adorable !

  5. I wish Mommy Red was my mommy. I need someone to force me to wear diapers and change them when she decides. If I even ask for a diaper change, I would be spanked and kept in them longer.

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