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01/22 – Diaper Girls Bunny, Iris, Picky, Red & Alisha!

January 22, 2019

1. Picky and Bunny had a sleepover at Red’s house and they decided to try out a game of diapered Twister. It was great fun and lots of laughs. Best two out of three wins the night. Who do you think won?

2. From Red:

I got in trouble for backtalking and cussing too many times, so Daddy decided to wash my mouth out with soap. With my hands cuffed behind the high chair, he puts on a bib to catch the drool and sticks the bar of soap between my lips and tells me to bite down. It was horrible!
After the soaping was finished, he put me to bed early after letting me brush my teeth. For those that are unaware, when you swallow too much soap it acts like a powerful laxative. Several times through the night I woke up with a powerful need to empty my bowels.
By morning, my diaper was disgustingly full. Daddy moved me to the changing table and cleaned me up before putting me in a clean diaper. I will certainly remember that punishment for a long time and will work extra hard not to cuss or talk back.

3. In this POV video, you open the nursery door to find Red, Picky and Alisha playing in diapers. Enthralled by what you see, you don’t respond at all when they catch and confront you. After dragging you into the room, they strip you down and laugh at your tiny little weiner. Of course with a penis that tiny, the only appropriate attire for you in a diaper.

After diapering you up, they put you in the high chair and teasingly feed you a bottle. Of course the contents of the bottle is laced with laxatives, so you’ll soon be filling your diapers. Won’t that be humiliating?

4. Iris’ diaper is soaking wet, so Bunny takes her to the changing table and strips away her soaked diaper. After cleaning her up, she grabs another thick and thirsty diaper from the shelf and tapes it up nice and tight.

5. Alisha, Picky and Red are cleaning up the nursery to prepare for the next few scenes. Red has been holding her bowels all day to prepare for her next scene. Unfortunately, she finds that she can’t hold it long enough and fills her diaper early. Luckily it was all caught on video, so we can bring it to you!

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  1. The soap video was great. Can we see something similar with Picky?

    My idea is that she gets in trouble for coming home late or something. You tell her she is going to get spanked and she smarts off about being too old to spank and cusses at you. You drag her to the sink and shove the bar of soap in her mouth and spank her right at the sink. She should be wearing Goodnites at the time and you notice that she’s wet and decide she needs proper diapers. Then you lock her in the cage to think about her punishment and she messes her diaper.

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