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01/28 – Diaper Girls Pookie, Picky and Red

January 28, 2019

1. Picky, Pookie and Red are having a sleepover. All went to bed in training panties for their bedwetting, but Pookie was wearing regular panties in the morning. When asked why, she told the girls she had wet in the night and changed into them. The girls insist that she needs to wear a diaper since she wet her pullup. They grab a thick, fluffy diaper from the stash and Pookie is soon thickly diapered. Of course, three diaper girls is better than one, so she insists they all have to wear them. First Picky is diapered and then Red, which is amazing to watch.

2. From Red:

MrWashington got one of those holiday cheese platters from one of his family members and I couldn’t resist the huge assortment of cheeses. I ate so much cheese, it made me legitimately constipated to the point of painful cramps. Stool softener and suppositories did nothing, so I asked him to give me an enema. I didn’t want to shoot it at first, because I was in genuine distress. In the end, I figured seeing a behind the scenes video that isn’t scripted might be a good thing. Despite my reservations, I was glad we shot it after the bad mood from the constipation passed.

As for the content of the video, MrWashington explains the situation and then gives me two quarts of hot, soapy water. After the bag is empty, I pull up the diaper and almost instantly feel the cramps fading. It’s a long, loud diaper filling – so if that’s your thing I would suggest this video. After I’ve finished emptying my bowels, you might see the look of surprise on my face that the Crinklz diaper held it all in. My first experience with a Crinklz diaper was not good, but I might be changing my mind.

3. This is a bit of a different take on POV videos. Pookie is laying on the changing table, as Mommy Red comes in and tells her it’s time for her diaper. After stripping her down, she checks her temperature with the rectal thermometer and then gives the poor girl a mini-enema since she hasn’t had a movement in days. After that, it’s corner time. Not because she’s in trouble, but to simply keep her focused on the task at hand as she loudly fills her diaper.

4. From Red:

After Daddy changed my diaper for bed and tucked me in, I got bored. He always makes me go to bed so early to avoid brattiness when I wake up. This time I was bored and aroused, so after I was sure Daddy was asleep I snuck out of bed and grabbed the Hitachi. I had to be extra quiet to avoid waking him, but I managed to have an awesome orgasm.

In the morning, Daddy realizes something is amiss and finds the Hitachi hidden under my stuffies. As punishment for breaking the rules, he changes me into an extra thick diaper with a stuffer for school. Usually I get to wear pullups to school, but not today.

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  1. There’s no way that’s a single crinklz diaper! And it’s able to hold 2 quarts enema?! I’m calling BS on this one.

    1. Crinklz have more SAP than most other brands. That’s why they swell so much when wet. The little SAP beads can absorb ten times their size in water.

      This video is also shot straight through with no cuts. How is it BS?

  2. I have this fantasy of seeing picky in triple thick diapers waddling around the house. You take requests right? lol

  3. Please do more of the punishment and bdsm stuff you used to do. I know it’s your site but ageplay stuff can be found anywhere. Diapered online has always been the go to place for the harder, grittier stuff. Pretty please. 🙂

    1. Definitely have that planned. Received a lot of requests for age play punishment videos and focused on those for a while. You’re definitely not the only one looking for the grittier stuff. This next update will have a little of it.

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