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02/03 – Diaper Girls Picky, Red, Iris and Bunny

February 3, 2019

1. When Daddy comes to wake Picky, he discovers that her Goodnite is wet. She knows the rules – waking up wet means a day in diapers, so she pretends to be sick to avoid going to school in embarrassing diapers. Not falling for it, Daddy takes her over his knee to check for a fever. After inserting the thermometer into her bottom, it comes out normal as expected.

For lying, she gets a quick spanking and then it’s up on the changing table. To teach her a lesson about trying to avoid her punishments, he puts two stuffers in the babyish Crinklz diaper to make sure it’s very obvious. Afterwards, she is sent to get dressed. Unfortunately for Picky, her school skirt barely covers the thicker than normal diaper and will be seen clearly if she reaches up or bends over for any reason.

It’s going to be a long embarrassing day…

2. Red was a bit constipated and cramping bad. She knows the best relief is a min-enema, so she reaches for the box, snakes her hand into her diaper and squeezes the tube into her bottom. It works immediately, resulting in a very full diaper. Of course, Red is a lifelong diaper lover and can’t help but be aroused by the whole situation – pulling out the Hitachi and bringing herself to orgasm in her own stinky diaper.

3. Pastel is bound on the floor wearing a thick diaper and a large vibrator strapped to her leg. It’s just enough to get her turned on, but if she wants to cum she will have to get creative with her positioning. Something that is exceptionally difficult in her predicament.

4. Bunny’s diaper is soaking wet, so Iris takes her to the changing table for a change. After removing her soaked Rearz Rebel diaper, she wipes her down and wraps her up in an adorable Rearz Safari. She needs pajamas to stay warm, so she helps her into a pair of Princess footed PJs. Now clean, the girls go back to playing until bedtime.

5. Picky has been running her mouth a lot lately. She thinks her sarcastic remarks are funny, but sometimes they are just annoying. To teach her a lesson, Daddy decides to give her an enema so she can run off at both ends.

Two Fleet enemas are squeezed into the poor girl’s ass, which is already battered and bruised from a previous paddling. After her diaper is taped up tight, she is told to stay on the changing table until he comes back for her. It doesn’t take long for her to lose control and make a big mess in her diaper.

6. Red loves her diaper porn. As she was watching some particularly hot scenes on her phone, she couldn’t help but rub herself through her thick diaper. Rubbing wasn’t enough, however, and she had to resort to old standby – the Hitachi!

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  1. I’m usually pretty tepid about messing videos but Picky filling her diaper is one of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. She is so freaking adorably tiny! I hope she comes back to shoot often.

  2. Picky pooping! I was wondering if that was going to be a thing. TMI but I can’t wait until I’m alone tonight to rub one out. lol

    1. It was a personal video she shot herself. I added it as part of the update because it was just such a hot video. 🙂

  3. One thing I love about Red is that she is clearly a diaper fetishist. Whenever I see someone putting her in a diaper, she can’t help but make sure it’s being taped right. It kinda pulls me out of the idea of it being a punishment. When she masturbates, it’s pretty clear she’s having real orgasms too.


    Any chance Rainbow will be coming back soon? That girl is my all time favorite and I miss seeing new videos.

    1. Mommy Rainbow with bratty Picky would be the greatest duo ever! Please make it happen! I’ll be a member for life if you do.

  4. I would suggest beating Picky’s ass every time she does something stupid on Instagram but it would probably break her pelvis. Can’t wait until you post the paddling video on here. Saw it on clips for sale and I really just need to see her get beaten. Bitch deserves it.

    1. Picky gets more hate than she deserves. You people harass her constantly and then get upset when she responds. Stop clutching your fucking pearls and earn your own attention.

  5. I have a couple video requests for Picky.

    #1 She gets suppositories and a butt plug so she has to hold it for a long time. After a few hours you pull the plug and she makes a huge mess in the diaper. The bigger the better. Then she gets bounced on your knee in her messy diaper.

    #2 She goes to a party and drinks too much. The hospital gives her charcoal to absorb the alcohol. Charcoal causes really bad diarrhea. You probably can’t shoot at a hospital but if you can shoot from where you bring her home and she’s still wearing a diaper from the hospital and it’s super messy. You send her to the bathroom to shower and when she comes out she gets spanked really hard and put into a clean diaper. She insists she doesn’t need the diaper anymore but you’ve decided it’s part of her punishment to be grounded for a month and kept in diapers the entire time. You give her a list of rules that says she isn’t allowed to use the toilet at all and her diapers will only be changed twice a day. When she reads the part about not being able to cover her diapers at home, she starts to cry.

    If you can do longer videos or make it a series, maybe show how she gets used to the diapers during her punishment. At the end of the month, she tries to go back to panties but keeps having accidents and you have to potty train her.

    1. Great suggestions. I second them. Potty training videos would be awesome.

      If you don’t mind me expanding on your second suggestion – Do a compilation of the potty training at the end, where she wets her training panties multiple times and gets ten lashes of the belt every time. Afterwards, she goes back into diapers for 24 hours to start over.

  6. Mr Washington, you are my hero. I love how much you come across as an actual daddy and not one of those fake doms that pretends to be a daddy. If I lived in the states, I would love to come visit and be daddy’s good little girl. I might need some strict motivation for the good part though. 😉

  7. Love the humiliation videos. Reminds me of the time my aunt made me wear diapers for wetting my pants and exposed them to everyone at my cousin’s birthday party.

  8. Both Red and Picky used to have red hair. Any chance they will be going back to that color? I adore a redheaded woman and a little disappointed they changed their hair color. If you ever meet a ginger diaper girl, please hook me up! jk lol

  9. Where do I find those mini-enemas? Do they really work that well?

    Can we see a Picky do a video like the mini-enema video with Red? Maybe you give them both mini-enemas and they compete to hold it as long as possible?

  10. That happened to me too. In high school, I wet the bed and tried to play sick. My mom beat my ass for it and made me wear a goodnite to school. She still likes to tell that story to my girlfriends. It’s embarrassing as hell.

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