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02/11 – Diaper Girls Bunny, Picky, Red and Pookie

February 11, 2019

1. Picky went home early from school after having an accident. She wet her pants, which is grounds for humiliating diaper discipline at home.

When her friends, Red and Pookie, come to see if she’s okay, she tries to hide under the covers. The crinkling of her diaper gives her away, however, and she is quickly being blackmailed by the mean girls she thought were her friends. They insist that she will be their personal servant or everyone will know about her embarrassing diaper punishment – complete with photos Pookie took on her phone.

After taking the poor girl to Red’s house, she is put to work cleaning the kitchen. No pants are allowed, so they can see when her diaper needs changed. She is refused bathroom use and is soon wearing a very wet diaper. The girls put her up on the kitchen island for a change and put her in a thick purple diaper.

By the end of the day, the girls are tired of playing games with Picky. After returning to her room, they tell her they have changed their minds about the personal servant requirement. Thinking she is the clear, Picky shows actual joy for a moment as she asked if they will delete the photos. Red tells her they could, but they have already been shared everywhere. Picky is going to be the talk of the school tomorrow.

2. Bound in the wall stocks, Red takes two quarts of warm, soapy enema. When Daddy returns to remove the nozzle, she has nowhere to go and loses control in short order. The two quarts of water and the contents of her bowels are soon deposited into her swelling diaper.

3. Bunny is wearing an adorable onesie and a thick Little Pawz diaper as she plays on the floor of the nursery. She spends time with her stuffies, coloring and even playing with blocks as she enjoys her little time.

4. Picky is tied to the eye hook in the ceiling. She has been a huge brat lately and likes to show off her flexibility by escaping any restraints she is put in. No such luck this time. With her arms bound high and behind her, escape finally eludes her.

When Daddy comes to finish her punishment, her diaper is pulled down and he unleashes the wicked paddle on her ass. She screams out and tries to pull away, but she isn’t going anywhere. All she has to do to end the assault on her cheeks is apologize, but her stubbornness refuses to give in.

After the welts and bruises begin to form, she finally relents and apologizes. But not before her bottom reaches a state that will have her despising chairs for a week.

5. Red really needed a long soak, so she stripped out of her clothes and soaking wet diaper and climbed into the hot, sudsy bubble bath. It felt so good, she almost fell asleep!

After the initial soak, she played with the toys and had a little bit of fun. When she was washing myself, however, she rubbed against her clit and felt that all too familiar feeling. The bell had been rung and there was no going back now. Using a slippery bar of soap, Red masturbated to a glorious orgasm. Absolutely fantastic!

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  1. That first video was amazing. I was completely imagining it was me being humiliated by my friends. Picky is so awesome and I would let Red and Pookie dominate me any time! More videos like this please!

  2. Damn! Picky’s flexible. That was an awesome beating and can’t wait to see more.

    I don’t know if this is possible. Would you ever shoot a video of a girl in a diaper getting her thighs spanked? Like “Your diaper is messy so I’m going to spank your thighs instead of your bare bottom.”

  3. It’s so weird to see Red humiliating Picky in the first video and then messing her diaper after an enema in the second video. I love it!

  4. My friend blackmailed me too when she found out I liked diapers. It wasn’t as involved as your video but she made me give her favorite jacket to keep her trap shut. People can be terrible sometimes.

  5. Can we get a video of Picky and Mia together? If you want ideas, it would be great to see them both get spanked hard, given enemas and locked in the crib together.

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