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02/18 – Diaper Girls Alisha, Picky, Pookie & Red

February 18, 2019

1. In this clip, Mr Washington explains a few basics of how to properly spank someone. Of course, there is a lot more to it than we can cover in a twenty minute video, but you can certainly get the gist of things.

He uses multiple implements on Red’s bottom – including a leather paddle, ping pong paddle, a cooking stick that I don’t remember the name of, a plastic cane, hairbrush and leather belt. By the end, her butt is marked up perfectly.

By the way, Red loves stingy implements. Hate thuddy ones!

2. Picky doesn’t like to use her diapers, so once again she has tried to sneak to the bathroom to use the toilet. When Daddy catches her, she’s in for a hard lesson. He drags her to the nursery where the cage is waiting. A mini-enema is snaked inside her diaper and into her bottom. She is then locked in the cage until dinner.

Fifteen minutes later, the mini-enema proves to be too much for Picky and the cramps overwhelm her. Giving into the pain, she searches for a comfortable position to release her bowels and fill the diaper. It takes a few minutes to get everything out, but she feels much better – but more disgusted.

A few hours later, Daddy comes to get her for dinner. He knows she was intentionally laying on her side to avoid sitting in her own mess, so he squishes it into her diaper. It’s embarrassing, but the real discomfort will come from sitting in her messy diaper for dinner.

3. Alisha and Red are cuddling in the bear pile, but Alisha is feeling a bit frisky. She starts rubbing Red’s diaper until she wakes up, which leads to some amazingly sexy action with the Magic Wand.

4. Pookie and Picky are coloring on the floor. Picky’s diaper is soaking wet, so Pookie offers to change her. After grabbing a fresh diaper, wipes and powder, Picky lays on the floor and lets her friend change her into a fresh, clean diaper. How sweet.

5. Hubby hasn’t been holding up his end of our marriage. His tiny dick is useless and he has long had a problem with premature ejaculation. After speaking with a friend, I found the perfect solution.

I start by putting him into chastity. Despite his miniscule cock, I was surprised to find that even the smallest ring was not very snug. It will just have to do until I find a smaller chastity device.

To deal with his premature ejaculation and lack of control, I put him right back into diapers. I’ve used diapers as punishment in the past, but this time they are going to become a permanent fixture. It’s unlikely he will ever learn to control himself and the chastity is probably going to make him fidget a lot.

Regardless of the outcome, he’s right back where he belongs – chaste and in diapers.

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  1. Damn. Good to see that Red can take a good, hard spanking. Would love to see a longer caning and figging video if she’s into that. Something in a maid uniform perhaps?

  2. I wanna do a cuddle puddle with Red and Alisha! Mr. Hitachi is always welcome of course. 😉

    Love the intimate videos of girls cuddling and being sexual with other.

  3. My mommy gave me a mini-enema last week and locked me in the closet. I sympathize with Picky in the cage. Poor girl. But I guess she deserved it for breaking the rules. Mommy doesn’t let me get away with anything either.

  4. Pookie and Picky are both so darned cute. I just want to hug em and squeeze em and change their nappies. If they are ever looking for an older switch mommy, tell em to look me up. lol

  5. mommy red is the best.. I watched that video and put on my chastity as the was doing it and pretnd it was her.. now my diaper is soaked and messy and I need a change will u plz change me mommy??

  6. Picky in the cage is my new favourite video. She was a bad girl and deserved to be punished for breaking the rules. Next time you should spank her bottom black and blue first though. Sneaking to the toilet is a serious offense. Was it a first demerit type of thing or were you going easy on her?

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