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02/26 – New Diaper Girl Brandy + Iris, Picky & Red

February 26, 2019

1. New diaper girl Brandy is being tested. Daddy wants to see which spanking implements she enjoys and which she hates. Important information to have when it comes to punishment and reward. He cycles through everything from leather paddle to Lexan cane to wooden paddle. He bottom is bruised and welted by the end and Daddy knows where her tolerances lie.

2. Red was locked in the pillory and told she would stay there until she used her diaper fully. When Daddy comes to check on her after two hours, he finds her diaper still clean. To help things along, he slides his hand down the back of her diaper and gives her a mini-enema.

Within minutes, Red is losing control of her bowels as she fills the diaper to capacity. The massive load is quite evident through the thick padding of the diaper. When he returns to check on her, he squishes in the mess to remind her to behave.

3. Picky is bound on the changing table – arms behind her back, spreader bar between her knees and ankles cuffed together. Her thick diaper is little protection from the Hitachi is that strapped to the spreader bar and angled down to her pussy.

When Daddy turns on the Hitachi, Picky immediately starts to buck and struggle against the harsh vibrations. As good as it feels, she knows it will soon drive her crazy. After a few minutes she has her first orgasm, but the Hitachi continues to drone on.

After her second orgasm, she is sweating and exhausted – but there is no relief in site. After orgasms three and four, Daddy recognizes how tired she has become. Perhaps she has learned her lesson about masturbating without permission? We shall see.

4. Iris and Red were having a playdate and decided to decorate some paint stirring sticks to work as spanking sticks. It’s always more fun to get spanked with an adorable decorated spanking implement! 🙂

5. Picky waited until the last day of the week to do her homework. She was told she couldn’t go out with friends until it was finished, but she is barely through the first page when Daddy comes to check on her. Upset about doing homework and not being able to see her friends, Picky throws a tantrum as soon as he leaves the room. She rips up her homework, beats her stuffies with the pillow and pounds her hands and feet on the bed.

When Daddy hears the commotion, he returns to find the mess. He throws Picky over his knee and spanks her with the comically large pencil she tried to use on her homework. Since her papers are all torn, he sends her to bed early and tells her to stay put.

6. Red desperately needed to pee, but the bathroom was occupied. She couldn’t hold it even long enough to find a private place outside, so she grabbed the diaper bag and picked out a pullup that was way too small. She managed to get it over her wide hips and then squatted to release her bladder. Afterwards, she removed the pullup and tossed it.

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  1. I peed my pants when I was 14 because my mom was in the bathroom for an hour. I got in trouble, because she said I should have peed in the backyard. 🙁

  2. I was locked out of a bathroom once and desperately had to pee so I grabbed one of my aunt’s potted plants and peed in it. It died a few days later and she thought the smell was the roots rotting. I felt bad but it was her damn husband that always spent so much time in the bathroom.

    The first time I peed in a diaper was at her house as well because he spent so much time in there I just decided to see if the cheap drug store diapers could hold up. They did surprisingly well.

  3. My daddy is building a pillory for when I’m bad. He got the idea from watching your videos. He says I struggle too much during spankings and enemas. I’m kinda scared but excited at the same time. I love that he always tells me girls belong in diapers.

  4. I love how you hoist Picky over your knee for a spanking. Do that more often please. Over your knee, kicking and screaming in mid-air, while you take a hairbrush to her spoiled butt. Then put her in the thickest, most infantile diaper you can find for crying like a baby.

  5. My diaper fetish was triggered by a similar event as Red. I had to pee super bad and the bathroom was occupied by my older sister taking a bath. I grabbed one of my little sister’s diapers and tucked it into my panties and peed. It actually held it all and it felt amazing.

    After that I started stealing Pampers from the diaper bag to tuck into my panties while at school.

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