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03/10 – Diaper Girls Red, Pookie, Picky & Star!

March 10, 2019

1. Mommy Red comes to the nursery to breastfeed Brandy. When she arrives, she checks the girl’s diaper to find it soaking wet. As she’s changing her, she realizes she hasn’t messed in some time and decides to take her temperature with the rectal thermometer.

Brandy has no fever, so Mommy Red figures she must be constipated. Rather than using a cramp-inducing enema, she pulls on a latex glove and inserts her finger into the girl’s bottom. If she’s impacted, the probing should help.

After putting Brandy into a clean diaper, she takes the girl to the crib for feeding time. As she breastfeeds, Brandy finally loosens up enough to mess her diaper. Mommy Red checks her diaper again, breast still in Brandy’s mouth, and reassures her that’s everything is okay by rubbing the crotch of her diaper.

2. Picky is writing lines and is only halfway through them when her belly begins to churn. The cramps are getting worse and worse, but she is determined to hold it until she is finished. Her diaper punishment is over as soon as lines are finished and she will once again be able to use the bathroom.

Unfortunately, she’s not that lucky and her bowels win the battle. Standing up next to her desk, she loses control and fills her diaper. It’s gross and disgusting, but now she must focus on finishing her lines so she can get cleaned up.

3. Picky and Red are hanging out with Pookie, but Pookie isn’t feeling so hot. When she explains that she is cramping and constipated, the girls know there is only one solution. They move her up on the changing table, open her diaper and give her a Fleet enema. That will definitely do the trick.

The girls give her some privacy and leave the room as she finally manages to overcome the constipation. Kneeling on the changing table, she fills her diaper – bringing great relief. Now she just needs to figure out who is going to change her…

4. Red was playing on the floor when Daddy tells her it’s time for bed. She pretended to go right to sleep, but really waited until she heard him go to bed and snuck out to get the Hitachi. She desperately needed to cum, so used the Hitachi over her thick Safari diaper until she had three orgasms. That tired her out enough to actually sleep!

5. Baby Star is playing with her toys while wearing an adorable pullup. Near the end, she gets up on her knees and wets herself, but pullups aren’t nearly as absorbent as a proper diaper and realizes she needs to go change.

You can find Baby Star on Instagram at “babystarabdl”, where she sells custom videos and other content.

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