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03/15 – Diaper Girls Brandy, Picky, Pookie & Red

March 15, 2019

1. Picky and Pookie are playing with the train set. Both are thickly diapered – Picky in Crinklz and Pookie in Bambinos – and both wearing adorable onesies from Littles Laboratory. Can they get along and play nice? Or will they argue over their favorite trains?

2. Sometimes Red just need a good fap to wear herself out for bed. The thick diaper makes it easy to get aroused, but it also makes it hard to masturbate without assistance. She tried using her hand, but when her wrist started to hurt she grabbed a pillow and rubbed against it. When that proved futile, she grabbed the Hitachi and got to work. Two amazing orgasms later and she was a very sleepy girl.

3. Brandy is playing on the floor in the nursery when Mommy Red comes to check on her. She hasn’t messed her diaper in several days and constipation is a real concern. To ensure good health, Mommy Red pulls down Brandy’s diaper and gives her two Fleet enemas to help with the flow of things. Brandy spends the next fifteen minutes slowly filling her diaper.

4. Picky is wearing a Crinklz diaper with two stuffers. She has been working on staying hydrated, so extra absorbency is always important. Of course, she looks stunningly adorable as she focuses on her coloring page from Littles Laboratory. At one point, she even has to change her position as she wets her diaper yet again.

5. Mr Bear is gigantic and so soft and squishy. I love to cuddle up next to him while thickly diapered and deep in little space. Sometimes though, I just a bit of pleasure and Mr Bear is great for climbing on top and grinding my diapered pussy against until I cum. Mmmmm…

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  1. I heard you all were going to CAPCon! Is that true? If so, I hope I get to meet you. I’m a big fan and love all of your work. 😀

  2. my mommy kept me in diapers until I was 25 and used to rub my thick cloth diapers against the mattress for relief.. she spanked me hard every time she found out her sissy diapered son was masterbating..

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