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03/22 – New Diaper Girl Stephanie! Brandy, Picky & Red

March 22, 2019

1. Stephanie is in big trouble, so Daddy sends her to the nursery with Picky to be locked in the pillory until he has calmed down and decided on an appropriate punishment. As she waits, she realizes her bladder is full and she’s not sure how long she can last without losing control. When Red comes to get a fresh diaper for Picky, Stephanie asks her to tell Daddy she needs to pee. Of course, it doesn’t do any good and within an hour she loses it and wets her pants.

When the girls tell Daddy what she did, he sends them in to clean her up and put her in a pullup. She still has a punishment coming, but she can be certain that punishment will include a significant amount of time in diapers for wetting her pants!

2. Brandy is locked in the pillory for a lesson in using her diapers. Daddy has two quarts of warm, soapy water and the inflatable nozzle ready to go. He slides the nozzle into her bottom and inflates it, evoking a bit of whimpering from Brandy. As soon as he releases the flow she begs him to stop, but there would be no lesson learned if he did.

After taking the entire bag, Brandy must hold the enema for a bit to ensure it works properly. After that time has elapsed, Daddy returns and removes the nozzle – pulling her diaper back into place. It doesn’t take long for her to lose control and loudly fill her diaper.

3. Picky loves the feeling of hot wax dripping on her skin, so she asks MrWashington to help her out with an extended wax session. Wearing only a thick disposable diaper, she enjoys the hot drops of molten wax as they bring that subtle pain she loves.

4. Red is wearing a thick Rearz Safari diaper in the crib as she checks social media on her phone. When the urge to mess hits, she doesn’t even think about it as she relaxes and fills her diaper. 24/7 in diapers has that effect on people it seems.

5. Picky was being too loud while playing with her toys, so Daddy decided to put a pacifier gag in her mouth to keep her quiet. It’s okay though, because she can still have lots of fun without being loud.

6. From Red: As I’m laying in bed in my extra thick diaper, Daddy brings me a headset that he says has a fun game. As soon as I put it on my head and the virtual reality comes on, I feel myself being transported into the virtual world. A virtual governess regresses me – exposing my diapers to others, convincing me to wet myself, and even tricking me into messing my diaper. It’s amazing how real it was and I had no idea it was just VR.

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  1. I don’t normally complain but the video of Picky playing on the floor needed to show more of her diaper butt. Still a great video. Just felt cheated by the end. 😉

  2. Someday full immersion Virtual Reality will make all our wildest dreams come true. Hopefully it happens in my lifetime.

  3. my mommy used to give me enemas if I didn’t mess my diaper often enough.. she would make me sit in it or go to school in a messy diaper too.. now i’m just an incontinent sissy diaper baby and will never be normal again..

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