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03/28 – Diaper Girls Stephanie, Red, Picky & Brandy

March 28, 2019

1. Stephanie wet the bed again, so Mommy Red makes her sit in the high chair to be fed her breakfast. A girl her age shouldn’t be wetting the bed at all, so diaper punishment is well deserved. When Stephanie’s friend Picky arrives, Mommy Red invites her in – to Stephanie’s dismay. Picky can’t help but tease the girl, who seems to actually be enjoying the teasing. Do you think she wets the bed on purpose to experience diaper punishment? Hmm…

2. From Red: While I was sleeping, Daddy was working on his computer. When he noticed me fussing from cramps, he turned on the camera and recorded me half waking up to mess my diaper. I’ve gotten so used to using my diapers, I barely need to be awake to do it.

3. Brandy is lying in the crib dealing with some heavy cramps. She needs to move her bowels, but knows she won’t be changed for several more hours and is trying to hold it as long as possible. When the cramps become too much, howev

er, she gets up on her knees and lets it out – filling her diaper.

4. Picky is wearing the new Forsite Underwater themed diaper as she colors a picture from

Littles Laboratory. What an adorable baby girl.

5. From Red: It’s bed time, so I strip off my soaked diaper and let it plop to the ground with a heavy thud before stepping into th

e shower. After cleaning myself thoroughly, I head to the bedroom for a thick, fluffy night diaper and a pair of Rearz footed pajamas.

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  1. I dream about Picky teasing me for wearing diapers often. Hopefully that doesn’t sound creepy or weird. She’s just so good at really making someone feel small and inferior. Unff!

  2. Do you ever have need for male models to shoot with the girls? I’m 24, 5’7″, 140 lbs and considered generally attractive. This would be a dream come true for me.

  3. Does Picky do sessions? I would love to have an all day session with her just berating me for being a big dumb diaper baby.

  4. Red, Red, Red. I’m crushing so hard right now. Love your work and I hope you don’t mind if I say that I fap to your videos daily. 😀

  5. mommy used to let my friends tease me too when she would feed her sissy boy in the high chair.. it was really humiliating to have people watching the sissy with wet diapers being spoon fed in the high chair at twenty years old..

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