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04/05 – Diaper Girls Stephanie, Brandy, Picky & Red

April 5, 2019

1. Stephanie is wearing a thick Forsite diaper as she cuddles on Mr. Bear. Aroused beyong belief by the padding between her legs, she decides to follow the path of so many diaper girls before her and use Mr. Bear as a surrogate partner. Using the Hitachi and Mr. Bear’s fluffy body, she masturbates to one amazing orgasm.

2. In this POV clip, we watch through Brandy’s eyes as Mommy Red diapers her and gets her ready for bed. Starting with a thick, fluffy diaper which is followed by an adorable onesie from Onesies Down Under, Brandy is soon padded and secure enough to go into the crib.

3. Picky’s diaper was soaked to the capacity, so she was sent to bathe. After running a hot, sudsy bubble bath, she strips out of her heavy diaper – which falls to the floor with a heavy thud – and climbs in. Of course, she spends more time playing and horsing around than actually cleaning herself, but what else can you expect from a diaper wearing little.

4. Red tries to sneak to the toilet to move her bowels, rather than use her diaper as expected. When she is caught, however, Daddy tells her to pull her diaper back up and finish her business right there on the toilet and in her diaper.

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  1. Great update! Seeing Picky in the tub really shows how adorable she is. That cute little butt is to die for!

  2. i’m looking for a new mommy now because my real mommy had to go to an old folks home.. do you know any mommies that will adopt a big sissy diaper baby??

  3. I met Picky and Mr Washington at CAPCon this year and they were both so nice. I was hoping to meet Red but didn’t have the opportunity. I bought two of your onesies and they are by far my new favorites. Will I be seeing you guys at TeddyCon or West Coast Jungle Gym?

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