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04/12 – Diaper Girls Bunny, Brandy, Red & Picky

April 12, 2019

1. Red hasn’t messed her diaper in several day and Daddy is worried, so he gives her a bedtime drink in the special sippy cup with the secret medicine dispenser. Of course it’s filled with laxatives to help her move her bowels. They kick in during the night, but Red is still locked in the crib and has to fill her diapers to capacity without knowing how far away that morning diaper change is.

One thing about messy diapers, however, is how much they arouse her. Unable to contain herself, Red is soon masturbating vigorously in her soiled diaper.

2. It’s past Bunny’s bedtime, but there is no way she will be able to sleep without cumming. After putting on a t-shirt for bed, she rubs herself through the thick diaper and even uses the corner of the mattress to rub one out. Finally spent, she lays down and falls right to sleep.

3. Brandy is horny and needs some relief, but unfortunately there is a camera in the room. She covers herself with the blanket and begins to masturbate without realizing the blanket isn’t covering anything from the waist down. Unfortunate for her, but lucky for us.

4. After a long day of being punished for videos, Picky needs to relax. MrWashington offers his services as a masseur and gives her a twenty minute rubdown to release the tension.

5. Red was trying to finish reading a story while she desperately tries not to mess her diaper. Of course, spending so much time in diapers has made it harder to hold it for long and she is soon filling her diaper as she struggles to continue reading.

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  1. I’ve tried to mess my diaper while sitting on a hard chair and it’s impossible. Props to Red for making it work. Maybe she can give us all some pointers. LMAO!

  2. Greetings from Switzerland. All girls look pretty in their thick diaper. Lik eto see happy girls in fluff diaper. Thank you much.

  3. How small is Picky? She looks so tiny and its the most adorable thing ever. My ex-gf was 5 foot even and 90 pounds. She made actual Pampers look good.

  4. I spent my teen years in a group home with a girl that was diaper punished for wetting the bed. It started my diaper fetish and I used to fantasize about wetting the bed on purpose to experience the same punishment. The humiliation of it was too much to bear though and I chickened out every time.

    She looked a lot like Bunny though, which is why I mention it. I often wonder if she became ABDL herself.

  5. Just wanted to say I tried your messy diaper trick and it worked amazingly! I’ve never filled my diaper so full in my life. Needless to say it will be my new go to move when I’m feeling the mood. Thank you!

  6. u should do a video with picky in super thick diaper like three or four at once and she waddles around the house,. please.

  7. Grinding on the edge of the mattress is exactly how I masturbate. It’s the best feeling ever especially if you put a big glob of petroleum jelly in your diaper.

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