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11/27 – Diaper Girls Red, Alisha, Iris & Bunny

November 27, 2018

In the final update for November, we have Red getting into big trouble, Iris & Bunny already preparing for Christmas, and Alisha masturbating in her adorable Princess diaper from Rearz.

1. From Red:

I was laying in bed masturbating through my training panties when Daddy walked in and caught me. I didn’t even know he was home! He pulled me across his lap and spanked me hard with the hairbrush until my bottom was red and bruised.

On the changing table, he inserted suppositories into my butt and followed it with a butt plug so I had to hold it while I wrote lines in the high chair. It was hard, because I desperately had to use the bathroom. It took a long time to finish my lines.

After removing the butt plug, Daddy made me go to bed. It only took a few minutes before I lost control and filled my diaper with a huge mess. It was disgusting and I had to stay in my own filthy diaper until the following morning.

I definitely learned my lesson about masturbating without permission – always make sure Daddy isn’t home first!

2. Iris and Bunny are laying on the floor in their thick diapers. They are excited for Christmas, which is only a few weeks away, so they are going through a catalog and making a long list of everything they want from Santa. If they’re extra good, maybe they will get it all!

3. Alisha is wearing an adorable Princess diaper from Rearz as she lays in bed. She is bored as she waits for Daddy to get home and keeps dozing off. She decides she can’t wait for Daddy though and grabs her magic wand to bring herself to a glorious diapered orgasm. 🙂

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