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12/10 – Diaper Girls Red, Bunny, Iris and Alisha

December 10, 2018

This update features the return of photosets included with the videos. I stopped adding them because they seemed less popular, but please let me know if you enjoy them.

1. This video is an enema instructional video we shot to answer the frequent questions I get about how to give an enema. It is rudimentary information – primarily about safety and such – but it should help answer some of your questions. I intend to write up a more detailed article about enema safety, types of enemas, punishments, health, etc.

After taking two quarts of a soap suds enema, Red holds it as long as she can before emptying her bowels into the diaper. The soap suds are more than just for cleaning. They irritate the bowels and make it harder to hold the enema. 😉

2. This is just a short, funny video of Bunny and Iris in straitjackets and diapers. They wanted to try them on and try to rub themselves through their diapers, but it turned into a laughable skit of hilarity. I wasn’t going to add this video, but it’s kinda hot and funny at the same time. 😉

3. After being put down for a nap, Alisha waits and listens for Daddy to make it all the way downstairs then starts humping Mr. Bear. She tries to be quiet, so she won’t get caught, but has to use the Hitachi to bring herself to orgasm. Luckily, Daddy didn’t hear – this time.

4. This photo set shows Red in adorable footed PJs from Rearz – the same print that is on her diaper underneath. Check out the photos as she unsnaps her pajamas and her hand finds it’s way inside her diaper. Naughty girl!

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