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12/26 – Diaper Girls Pookie, Bunny, Alisha and Red

December 26, 2018

1. Excerpt from Red…

Alisha and I kept arguing about stupid things, so Daddy decided to give us both punishment enemas. He also decided to make it into an instructional video about some of the options for punishment enemas.

We both start with two quarts of hot water in our bags. Alisha is told to pour two capfuls of castor oil into her bag from the top. Castor oil makes it really hard to hold an enema, as it agitates the lining of the intestines. For my enema, Daddy has me pour several drops of peppermint castile soap into my nozzle.

He has us kneel on the changing table as he inserts the nozzles and releases the flow of both bags at the same time. After they are empty, he removes the nozzles and we pull our diapers back up. Daddy tells us the first to lose control and mess our diaper has to wear it for the rest of the day, while the other gets to use the toilet.

Struggling for several minutes to hold it in, we argue back and forth. The peppermint proves too much for me though as I lose control and fill my diaper. Alisha is sent off to the toilet while Daddy puts me in a pair of locking plastic pants…

2. After a long day at school, Bunny returns home. She strips off her skirt and blouse, then lays on the bed and takes selfies to tease Daddy. Her diaper is soaking wet, but she doesn’t care. It will be fine until Daddy gets home. πŸ™‚

3. Pookie is dedicated to her chores – dressed in a frilly pink maid uniform and thickly diapered under the black petticoat. In this clip, she does her duty and cleans the bathroom that she can’t even use!

4. Excerpt from Red…

This video requires a bit of explanation. I was supposed to be filming a cute video of myself coloring in a dark corner wearing all black. I had been holding my bowels for several hours though, because we had another video planned where I would mess my diaper.

Unfortunately(or fortunately depending on your perspective), I couldn’t hold it anymore and my attempts to find a more comfortable position to hold it in only made it worse. Knowing I wouldn’t make it to another video, I just did what I had to do and filled the diaper right there.

I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but I realized it might be fun to share some of the weird things that happen while shooting. lol

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  1. I wish I could be “punished” like alisha and red along with them with getting enenma with them I bet I could hold out longer than both of them!!

  2. Would love to see more of Bunny. She has an amazing look and damn does she look good in a thick diaper. Great video this time, but I wish it was a bit more closeup. πŸ™‚

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