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A Brief Story of My ABDL Side – by Steve

May 30, 2015

So my diaper fetish begin back when I was 15. I went online and started looking at website and pictures and for about 2 years I kept it a secret from my parents. One night I decided to tell my mom. I was extremely nervous about telling her because I did not know how she would take it. When I told her she seemed surprised. About 2 weeks later she had me go see a consoler. They talked to me about what I thought about liking diapers and why I thought I wanted to wear diapers.

In the end though it did not deter me from wanting to wear diapers. It was not until I was 18 that I finally was able to buy my first pack of diapers. I think my mom knew what I was doing and I believe my mom did not try and stop me was because I was 18. I drove down to a local pharmacy and walked down to the aisle that had the adult diapers. My heart was beating quickly and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. When I finally purchased my first pack of diapers I quickly drove back home and rushed up to my room. I was finally going to wear diapers. I got undressed and pulled out a diaper from the pack. I got hard but was able to tape the diaper on. It felt soft and snug against my skin. I just laid there on my bed with just my diaper on. I was finally fulfilling a desire in life.

Over the next several months I continued looking online for various diaper content but the biggest change was that I was getting strong sexual urges. These urges led me to several adult diaper sites like Diapered Online. Everything looked so beautiful to me. Every women I saw in a diaper online appealed to me. I loved how they acted normal and how the diapers moved with them. I became exposed to many diaper brands that I have never heard of before but would later become very familiar with. Abena, Molicare, Tena, Attends, ABUniverse, Bambino, and many others each with their own colors and patterns and each one I wanted to try. I remember finding some Attends at a local thrift store and after getting home I put them on. It was not until a month later that I found out that I was putting them on backwards. Even with the diaper on backwards I still enjoyed reaching and feeling how hard I had become. It felt so good with the diaper snug against me and as I rubbed myself hearing the diaper making the distinct crinkle sound. I would get on my laptop and bring up the latest diaper video that I purchased and as I watched these beautiful women play in their diapers I was playing in mine. Most of the time I was able to finish at about the same time the women finished on the video.

Now I wear diapers just about every day. The only time I do not wear is when I am at work. I feel that being a part of the ABDL community has brought much joy into my life. I now own at least ten different brands of diapers and sometimes I find it hard to decide what to wear. I hope you have enjoyed a brief look into how I came into wearing diapers again.

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  1. I know how you I went into diapers when 50 i had this urge when I was young like 10 intil I got my own place I keep going in my underware then went to diapers even at work them know one I’m diapers right under med for controling sugar. tell more about me later

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