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ABDL Fiction: A New Life

April 17, 2016

All of us have days in our lives that we remember.  Days that are marked by the highest and deepest lows of our emotional being become cemented in our mind and one by one become the foundation of who are.  Of whom we become.  For Jenny, a young woman in her first year of college, her life had not yet been defined by many of these days.  Coming from an upper-middle class family from a comfortable suburb, she enjoyed an upbringing few truly had.

Being of decent means, her family could afford for her to go to the best private school in her area.  By many accounts she was spoiled, but by no means a bad girl.  She grew up in a sheltered world, where her perspective on how the real worked was sheltered.  It wasn’t so much that she was willfully ignorant to what life was really like; the concept had never crossed her mind.

The summer between her high school graduation and heading off to the east coast to go to college was filled not with working to earn money for school, but rather going to the beach with friends, shopping, and playing tennis.  Living such a pampered life allowed her to stay in great shape.  Jenny was an attractive young woman.  Standing at 5’4” and 115 pounds, her dirty blonde hair coming down to her shoulders framed a very cute baby face with deep blue eyes and glasses.  She cute in every way one could be.

She headed off to college in late summer, attending a large school out east.  She was going alone, none of her friends were heading out east.  In fact, the only person that would be near to hear that she had any type of relationship with was the wife of her cousin.  Her college was in the same vicinity as a military base where her cousin was stationed.  Currently deployed overseas, his wife Susan was also there by herself.

Susan came from a much more modest upbringing.  Growing up on a small farm in the south, Susan learned the value of work, and quickly came to understand the value of hard work in order to get by.  Despite good grade, college was never must of a serious option for her.  Financially certain things were just out of reach.  She was able to work her way through a community college nursing program with a 2 year Associates Degree.

It was only by chance that Susan and Jenny would be in the same part of the world at the same time.  To say that Jenny was distant from her cousin is an understatement.  She had only met him a few times, and her extended family was not a commonly discussed topic with her family.  Susan was now in her late 20s, working full-time, and saving up to buy a house.  She stood a striking 5’9”, 140 pounds, curly dark red hair; her body had filled out nicely.  Her job could be physically demanding, as such she kept in herself in good shape and could keep up with any of the males on staff at the hospital where she worked.

When she learned that her cousin-in-law would be moving nearby, she didn’t give it much thought.  Having never met her husband’s aunt and uncle there was little that she knew about this part of her husband’s family.  To say she was surprised that summer when she received a friend request on social media from Jenny.  The two discussed the area around the college and agreed to meet when she arrived for her freshman year.

Shortly after Labor Day Jenny and Susan met for coffee.  They hit it off right away.  Susan’s natural southern charm was as warm to Jenny as the coffee.  Only away from home for a couple weeks, she was already home sick.  They went from having coffee once a week, to seeing each other more frequently, and became fast friends.

Over that first semester of college, Jenny’s life moved quickly.  She did well in school, but still was very home sick as she had few friends outside of Susan.  As a sign of appreciation for Susan’s friendship to their daughter, Susan was invited to Jenny’s home for Christmas.  Due to her job she was only able to stay a few days, but was well received by Jenny’s family.  Susan headed back out east a couple of weeks before Jenny had to return to school.

Little to Jenny’s knowledge, over the Christmas break Susan and Jenny’s mother had discussed their mutual concern over Jenny’s lasting home sickness.  They agreed that it would be in Jenny’s best interest to move in with Susan.  Susan welcomed the company and figured that with Jenny’s parents covering half the rent she would be able to save more money for the down payment on a house.

Jenny arrived and was greeted by Susan at the airport.  After exchanging hugs, Susan broke the news to her.  “Jenny dear, your mom and talked over Christmas, and we think the best thing for you is to move in with me.  Your mom already called the school to let them know, and all your stuff has been moved from your dorm room to my apartment.”

Jenny didn’t seem to mind the move, even without her consent.  Susan had quickly become her best friend, in fact her only friend.  As the semester started things seemed to be going along very smoothly until a night where Jenny decided to pledge a sorority.  She drank far too much, and eventually passed out.  She awoke to find herself in the local hospital, the one where Susan worked.  Not only had she been drunk, but somebody had also spiked one of her drinks.  Thankfully she was not assaulted, but nevertheless was in bad shape.

She remained in the hospital for two nights, and then went home with Susan.  Jenny was embarrassed, Susan on the other hand was livid.  “I cannot believe you,” Susan’s tone was harsh in a way that Jenny had never heard.  “Look at yourself, you have the world handed to you on a platter, everything is a gift for Princess Jenny, and then you do something like this.”  Jenny was in tears, but Susan continued.  “Jenny, this will not be tolerated.  You will learn to appreciate things.  Things that I could never have in my life, you take for granted like a spoiled brat.”

Jenny had went from crying to full-out balling.  “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think…”

“Of course you didn’t think, you’ve never had to think for one day in your life.” Susan, began to soften her tone.  “Jenny, I’m sorry you weren’t raised to understand how shitty and nasty the world can be sometimes.  You are beautiful girl, and I owe it to you to teach you right.”

Jenny had calmed down some, “what do you mean?”

Here is the moment.  This was one of those moments in a life that you never forget.  “Jenny, when we get home you are going to be treated like a baby.  I’m putting you back in diapers.  My family used diaper punishment on me until I moved out, and you know what sweetie it worked.  It is going to be harsh for you at first, you’ll need to learn to accept not only your new position in life, but also my authority.”  Jenny looked at Susan with a combination of shock and offense.

“If you think I’m going to wear diapers, you are out of your fucking mind. I will…”  With that Susan’s hand quickly moved from the steering wheel and smacked Jenny’s around the face.  “Do not use that kind of language towards me young lady.  And don’t go thinking you can go home and cry to mommy.  I already spoke to your mother and she is 100% in agreement with this.  She does not want her little girl to end up a drunken pregnant college drop-out.  No, she knows full well what my plan is, and how you will be treated.”

Susan paused and let those words sink in.  Jenny sat there in the passenger seat and truly was speechless.  What could she do?  If Susan was being honest she didn’t have anywhere to turn.  She sighed and just sat there.  It wasn’t long until they pulled in the parking lot at Susan’s apartment.  As they got out, Susan could sense Jenny’s fear and confusion as to what was happening.  She reached down and grabber her hand, and began walking her to the apartment.  “It isn’t that bad sweetie, I will never hurt you.  I’m doing this because I care about you, and don’t want to see you destroy your life.”

As the door opened to the apartment, they went in to what was once Jenny’s bedroom.  It had been transformed into a large nursey.  “How in the hell…” As soon as Jenny had said that, Susan once again slapped her across the face.  “I will not tolerate such language young lady, do you understand?!”  Jenny stood there, her face stinging and nodded her head.  “As to the how” Susan started, “when I spoke to your mother she asked what I would need to diaper discipline you, and she was nice enough to offer her credit card, which I used for next day shipping on everything.”

“Everything?” asked Jenny, honestly not knowing what was in store for her.  With that Susan opened the door to what not that long ago was Jenny’s bedroom.

“Everything” Susan stepped aside so Jenny could take in the full stock of her new room.  Gone was her bed, in its place a giant crib, complete with sides that she knew would keep her confined when closed.  A large bookcase had been converted into a diaper holding station.  There were several hundred diapers of various names that Jenny had never heard of before.  Molicare, Abena, Rearz, Dry 24/7, Bambino…  She turned to see a desk and bookshelf with her school books.  In addition to her books several coloring books had been added to the shelf.  Glancing at her closet she took stock of several new outfits, all of them very childish.  “As you can see, your mother is very invested in this situation.”

Jenny stood there, paralyzed in a combination of disbelief and awe.  “I want to talk to her.  Give me my phone so I can talk to her, I want to talk to my mother!”

Susan expected a certain amount of resistance, but knew that Jenny’s mother was on board with the plan.  She handed Jenny her phone and said go ahead.  Jenny dialed her mother.

Susan leaned up against the doorway to the bedroom, arms crossed, fighting back the grin which showed her pleasure in Jenny’s plight.

“Mom…” were the only words that made it out of Jenny’s mouth.  The rest of the conversation was her mother scolding Jenny for her behavior, and telling her that she had do exactly as Susan instructed or she would be cut-off from the family.  As the conversation continued Jenny’s head continued to dip, her voice became softer and much more broken as she would occasionally mumble in agreement with what her mother was telling her.  Before long tears began to drip from her eyes, she couldn’t believe what was happening.  She felt broken, betrayed, and worse of all exhausted.  It was becoming too much to take in all at once.

As her called ended, Susan came over and gave her hug.  “It will be OK.  We’re doing this because we care about you, and want to keep you safe.  I know you must be tired, let’s go take a nice warm bath and get you cleaned up so you can take a nap.”

They headed into the bathroom together; it was then that Jenny realized that she wouldn’t be alone in the bath.  She started to blush and asked Susan for some privacy.  Susan giggled, “Oh sweetie, a little girl can’t take a bath without supervision, besides I want to make sure we get you all cleaned up.  Now, get in the tub.”

Jenny paused for a moment, and then slowly took her shirt off over her head.  Next her pants fell to the floor.  She stepped out of them, leaving her there in just a bra and panties.  Susan, who had turned her attention to the bath and ensuring that there were an adequate level of bubbles looked up from the edge of the tub seeing Jenny standing there in her undies.

Susan stood up, and took her hands and carefully removed Jenny’s panties.  Exposing, to Susan’s delight, that Jenny was already clean shaven.  Susan then removed Jenny’s bra, as she did Jenny’s young firm breasts bounced.  Blushing at her exposed state, Jenny allowed Susan to lead her by the hand into the tub.

Jenny sat back and tried to relax as Susan slowly washed her body.  Susan enjoyed having her hands on Jenny’s wet young body, and judging by the way Jenny was breathing she liked having Susan’s experienced hands on her body as well.  When Susan began to soap up Jenny’s thighs she slowed down her pace.  Making sure that her hands took extra time on the inside of Jenny’s legs.  As Susan’s hand moved up Jenny’s leg she found no resistance from Jenny in spreading her legs open more.

When Susan reached Jenny’s most private area, she began to slowly stroke Jenny’s clit with her fingers.  Susan leaned in and whispered in Jenny’s ear, “Sweetie, good girls get rewards from Auntie Susan.  Would you like a reward?”  As she finished her sentence, she quickly moved her fingers from Jenny’s clit to inside Jenny’s vagina.

Jenny let out a deep moan as Susan’s fingers entered her with ease.  She had been fingered before, but never by a woman.  In fact she had never so much as even kissed a girl before.  But here she was, naked in a bath tub, legs spread open, another woman’s fingers stroking her insides and enjoying the experience like nothing she had ever had the pleasure of before.  She turned her head to the side and moaned as Susan continued to finger her.

“Please don’t stop, I want a reward, please.”  Were the only words she could speak.  Susan increased the speed of her stroking, and added a third finger.  Jenny’s vagina was very tight, and Susan knew three fingers would be the max she could get inside of her partner.  Jenny’s hand went from gripping the side of the bath tub to fondling her own breasts.  Susan leaned in and put one of Jenny’s nipples in her mouth.

The touch of Susan’s mouth to her hard nipple put Jenny over the edge.  As Susan began to suck on Jenny’s aching nipple Jenny took her hands and placed one over Susan’s hand working her vagina and the other to the back of Susan head and pushed it harder into her breast.  As she did Jenny began to explode into the most intense orgasm she had experienced.  Her moans became louder and her breathing heavy, “Oh please don’t stop, please don’t stop…” Another wave of pleasure overtook her body and her hands went limp as all her energy was consumed by release she was experiencing.
Susan picked her head up from Jenny’s breast and grinned as she looked at her.  Jenny’s whole body was red, she still had not opened her eyes as Susan slowly removed her fingers from Jenny’s vagina.  Jenny took a deep breath and turned and smiled at her new Auntie.

Susan smiled back and softly told Jenny, “let’s get you dried off and dressed little girl.”

Hearing herself described as “little girl” suddenly reminded Jenny of her new bedroom and arrangement that Susan had made with her mother.  Susan used a large beach towel to dry off Jenny, and then took her down to her room.

Susan grabbed the towel and spread it out across the floor, leaving Jenny naked and suddenly embarrassed.  Susan reached over to the shelf and grabbed an Abena, baby powder, locking plastic panties, and a onesie.  Susan opened the crinkly white diaper and told Jenny to lift her butt up.

Susan placed the diaper under Jenny’s bottom and applied a generous coating of baby powder.  She pulled the diaper tight and then taped it closed.  Next she had Jenny stand so she could slide the locking panties up over her legs and diapers.  They were pink with nursey prints on them.  Susan locked them in the back.  “Now Sweetie, it is my hope that you won’t need to wear these panties too long, and that you’ll accept your new living arrangements.  But, for now I cannot take chances on you not embracing being a baby.”

Susan stood up and took the onesie and pulled it down over Jenny’s head.  It was a little tight, but not too bad.  As Susan snapped it closed she turned Jenny around so that she could see herself in the long mirror on the bedroom door.   Jenny could not believe her eyes.  As she stood there she was at a total loss.  The outfit, the diapers, everything, it was a lot to absorb.

Susan let her stand there for a moment before taking her by the hand.  “Let’s go sit on the sofa and we can go over the rules.”

“Rules?” asked Jenny.

“Yes little one, rules.  I am strictly in charge and we have some basics to cover as to how you are expected to behave and act.”

As they sat down, Susan grabbed a brush and some detangler spray.  She sprayed Jenny’s hair and began to brush.”

“Jenny, there are rules for a girl in your positon, and you need to know what they are and how you are expected to act.”

“Number 1, you will wears diapers 24/7, no excuses.”

“Number 2, you will use diapers for their intended purpose for both #1 and #2.”

“Number 3, I am to be referred to as Aunt Susan.”

“Number 4, you will obey me at all times.”

“Number 5, you are NEVER allowed to touch your diapers.  This includes masturbating which is strictly off-limits.”

“Number 6, you will wear what I tell you to.”

“Number 7, in our home your diapers may only be covered by a onesie, otherwise they must be on fully display unless I allow you to wear something over them.”

“Number 8, your homework will be done daily before dinner.”

“Number 9, your diaper will be changed when I deem best, you may not ask for a change.”

“Number 10, bedtime is 9 PM unless I allow otherwise”

“Number 11, I may elect for you to use a pacifier or baby bottle at any time I feel is best.”
“Do you understand these rules?  Jenny nodded her head in agreement.  “Good girl.  Your hair looks lovely, lay down on Auntie’s lap so you can take you bottle.”

Jenny reluctantly slid down the sofa so her head rested in Susan’s lap.  Susan picked up a large bottle of apple juice and pushed the nipple into Jenny’ mouth, Jenny began to drink the apple juice.  It tasted a little strange, but she figured that was from the rubber nipple.  As she laid on Susan’s lap, Susan stroked her hair and enjoyed the peaceful moment.

It didn’t take long for the bottle to be empty.  “Alright little one, off to naptime for you.”  Susan took Jenny back into the nursey and had her climb up into the large crib.  Jenny’s diaper crinkled loudly as she climbed into bed.  Susan took a pacifier out and stuck in Jenny’ mouth, then she raised the sides of the crib and locked them into place.  Jenny was now trapped.

“Sweetie, you’ve done a wonderful job in accepting this, your Auntie is very proud.”  Jenny smiled as she made herself comfortable.  The bulk of the diaper between her legs made getting into a normal sleeping position difficult.  “I don’t want you to be worried, but Auntie put a few things in your bottle to help you.  There is a crushed up sleeping pill, and a little something to help you go pee and poo.  I’m going to leave you to rest for a little, when I come back I expect to find that your diaper will need to be changed,  nite-nite little one.”

With that, Susan walked out and turned off the light.  Jenny was alone in her crib.  The diaper felt huge between her legs.  Every time she moved they crinkled, it took her a few minutes to finally find a comfortable position to rest in.  She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke it appeared to be mid-afternoon.  She struggled for a minute to remember where she was and what had happened.  Feeling her diaper she was pretty sure she was still dry, but the pressure on her bladder for release is what woke her up.  Still groggy she tried to pee.  It was harder than she thought.  She tried several different positions until finally she sat herself up while sitting in her knees.  A warm flood of pee began to fill to her diaper.  As she looked down the lines on the diaper were turning color.  After emptying her bladder to feel back to bed, still exhausted and not looking forward to when the urge to empty her bowels would set it.

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  1. This something my daughter needs but has no one to help her she with her mom all the time my prayer is she get a new neighbor to help her God sent it to me is there part 2 coming like to see it.

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