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April 2017 #1

April 6, 2017

This update, we have six great videos for your viewing pleasure, including a couple of lost videos from Cici and Donna. Enjoy!

1. Lolly is thickly diapered under her cute dress for a trip to the mall. She is a little worried people will notice, but Daddy is hearing none of it. Once at the mall, Daddy discovers that Lolly is soaking wet, so he takes her to the family restroom for a change. Into a pink princess diaper she goes, which just might be visible under the thin fabric of the dress. Uh oh.

2. Cici is locked in the standing stocks for a spanking. Daddy uses the ping pong paddle to redden her butt, eventually pulling down her pull-up to expose her bare ass for punishment.

3. Adorable Mia is playing on the floor when she realizes just how wet her diaper is. She unsnaps her onesie to show it off, removing it completely as she shifts around to feel the bulky padding moving between her thighs. It doesn’t take long before she is grinding against the floor, as her excitement gets the best of her.

4. Donna is enjoying a day alone in her thick diaper; smoking, snacking and reading porn. She has been forbidden from masturbating, but do you think she has to willpower to resist?

5. Cici needs some anal training. She can’t seem to keep a plug in for longer than an hour without extreme discomfort. Daddy decides to stretch her out a little with the inflatable plug, but as soon as he inserts the large plug she begs to have it removed. Daddy gives in, but that just means it’s back to the medium plug for a while.

6. Mandie puts on a Pampers diaper and plays with her inflatable toys on the floor of the nursery – wetting herself as she does.

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