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April 2017 #4

April 29, 2017

This week, we have seven great videos for your perusal – including a bonus video for those fans of diapered boys and dominant mommies. Enjoy!

1. Nikko is locked in the pillory after not having a messy diaper for almost four days. Daddy pulls down her diaper and inserts the enema nozzle, giving her nearly two quarts of water. This girl is so backed up, she can’t even take a full enema.

After pulling the diaper back up and fastening it tight, she struggles to hold it until Daddy gives her permission to release. When she finally lets go, there is an audible stream that quickly fills and stains the diaper. Daddy agrees to take her to change afterwards, but with a warning that if she didn’t release it all and messes the new diaper, she will stay in it all day.

2. Taylor loves her diapers, but wants to introduce her fetish to her boyfriend, David. Surprisingly, he is very open to the kink and allows her to put him in a diaper as well. They then spend some quality time making out and rubbing against each other, as both reach glorious diapered orgasms.

3. Summer is feeling fun and flirtatious in her diaper. While listening to music in the nursery she begins to dance. The sexy diaper girl shows off her diapered ass while she dances around for Daddy’s pleasure.

4. Lolly and taylor are locked up in the same jail cell – the one that lacks a toilet. Both have been given diapers to wear, since trips to the bathroom won’t be allowed. By the end of the first day, Lolly’s nerves have hit her hard and she desperately needs to move her bowels. Finding a comfortable position, she manages to fill her diaper while Taylor tries to avoid watching.

A few hours later, Taylor seems to be in the same boat. Lolly is trying hard not to sit in her own mess, shifting sideways on the cot, but Taylor has become desperate.It doesn’t take long before she just sort of lifts off the cot and loudly fills her diaper. Both girls, now quite messy, simply have to deal with the horrid smell while they wait for the nurse to come around and take them to get cleaned up.

5. Nikko is dressed in a thick diaper and onesie from as she colors in her coloring book. Halfway through her project, you can watch as she tries to slyly shift her body to wet her diaper, hoping Daddy doesn’t notice. She doesn’t like it when Daddy changes her right away, because she likes the feeling of a soaked diaper.

6. Taylor has been dropped off for tutoring to get her math grade up, but she would rather be hanging out with her friends. After getting frustrated with the boring lesson, she runs off to the bathroom twice to avoid answering any questions. Her tutor, David, has been given permission to keep Taylor in line however.

After returning from her second trip to the bathroom, David has a diaper waiting for her. When she refuses to allow him to diaper her, he pulls her over his knee for a spanking – eventually pushing her against the white board with her pants down for a more severe spanking.

Once the tears begin to flow from her eyes, he lays her on the floor and tapes the thick diaper around her waist. Now she has no more excuses and no reason to leave the room.

BONUS – 7. After embarrassing David in front of his friend, Auntie Lolly comes to check on her little boy. She had planned to change his diaper for bed, but after he calls her a bitch she needs to set him straight. First, she slaps him for using the bad word, then pulls down his diaper for a spanking. Afterwards, she pokes holes in his diaper and adds a second diaper over the top. He is going to sit in his soaking wet and very thick diapers until he learns some respect.

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    1. The most erotic thing you can do for you diaper partner, in my opinion. .is put 2 or three suppositories in their ass as deep as you can…then tape a snug disposable on them

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