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April 2018 #1

April 5, 2018

First update for April 2018. Enjoy!

1. Taylor has been given a double dose of castor oil and locked in the table stocks all day. This clip picks up just before she finally loses control of her bowels and fills her diaper. The castor oil always does a great job of cleaning out the girls, but Taylor was particularly backed up and it shows. The seat of her diaper grows and grows as the obvious mess squeezes against the disposable diaper.

2. Iris is locked in the crib for a nap, but she’s not tired and decides to play with all the stuffies instead. This adorable diaper girl is so cute as she plays so innocently.

3. Pookie returns home way past her curfew and Daddy is waiting. He pulls Pookie across his lap and gives her bottom a thorough warming, but a spanking alone is not enough. After stripping away her panties, he lays her on the changing table and gives her two Fleet enemas before taping up a thick, thirsty diaper. Once diapered, she is locked in the crib, where she loses control of her bowels and fills the diaper with one stinky mess. It’s going to be a long night for poor Pookie.

4. Alisha wakes up late and needs to rush to work. She realizes her diaper is wet, but it should hold up for a while. She will just have to change at lunch time. Rushing to get dressed, she realizes her pants won’t fit over the bulky Rearz diaper and has to opt for a loose-fitting skirt instead. Hopefully the smell of the wet diaper isn’t too noticeable!

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