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April 2018 #2

April 13, 2018

Second update for the month of April 2018. Enjoy!

1. Iris wakes up and needs to get ready for the day. She tries on a couple outfits, but she doesn’t like them. Finally, she tries on a cute shirt and shortalls and decides that is definitely the one she wants to wear. Think anyone will notice her diaper?

2. Taylor is locked in the pillory for holding back too much and not using her diapers properly. Daddy gives her a mini-enema and leaves here there until it’s done it’s job. After twenty minutes, she is desperately trying to hold back, but it’s no use. The battle of wills is lost as her bowels give into the special medicine in the mini-enema. Over the course of 90 minutes, she repeatedly fills her diaper as Daddy films the entire humiliating experience. By the time she’s done, the massive load is quite visible and very smelly. Maybe she should have just used her diapers as expected in the first place.

3. Alisha is in big trouble for refusing to follow the rules. She yelled about her rights and freedoms, but she signed those over when she came to us. Now she is double diapered, strapped into the straitjacket and bound in the wheelchair. She has a pacifier gag in her mouth to shut her up and an enema nozzle buried in her ass. When Daddy J releases the enema, she squeals loudly as the now cool water fills her up. The cramps are nearly unbearable, but she has little choice.

After holding the full enema for ten minutes, the nozzle is removed and she struggles to hold in the two quarts of soapy water. The irritating soap is too much for her though and she is quickly filling her diaper loudly. Alisha finds it hard to move her bowels while sitting, so she has to use her elbows to lift her butt just a couple inches out of the chair. Unfortunately, the wide canvas strap only presses tighter against the diaper as she strains to sit up.

Once the enema is expelled and Alisha is sweaty from the effort, Daddy J returns and pushes her out of the room. It’s time to head out to the patio and spend some time with the other patients. How embarrassing this is going to be!

4. Pookie fell asleep while playing and cuddled up with the giant teddy bear. In the middle of her nap, the need to empty her bowels hits hard. She has become so used to using her diapers and barely rouses as she lets loose and fills them.

5. Alisha is supposed to be taking a nap in the crib, but the thick wet diaper is turning her on too much to sleep. She starts to rub herself through the thick padding, but it proves to be difficult. Then she remembers that the magic wand is still plugged in and sitting on a box near the crib, so she reaches through the bars and grabs it. Now she has what she needs to bring herself to an amazing orgasm.

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  1. I miss girls getting those big inflatable enema nozzles up their bums. A video of Alisha or Taylor in the Pillory being stripped of their overalls and then getting a double inflatable nozzle enema would be incredible.

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