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Bedwetter at Camp by Terry

April 17, 2010

I always had a weak bladder, which led to a bedwetting problem and my mom decided early on that putting me in diapers at night was easier than washing bedding every day. My weak bladder also meant that I had problems wetting my pants on long trips, so whenever we were going to be driving for more than an hour I was diapered. These two problems led to one of the more memorable events in my life…

When I was twelve years old, my mom insisted that I go to sixth grade camp. I was worried about people finding out about my bedwetting problem, but she assured me they had a special cabin for bedwetters that would ensure nobody would find out. Since the bus trip to the camp was almost two hours long, my mom was sure to diaper me before the trip. When we got to the camp, I was assigned to the cabin connected to the nurse’s office. Everyone was getting ready for orientation as the nurse went from person to person collecting medications and other stuff.

When she got to me, she collected the pack of diapers from my suitcase and seemed to notice I was already wearing a diaper. She assumed that since I was already wearing a diaper I must be incontinent and when I tried to explain it was only for long trips and bed, she didn’t seem to believe me. She had me follow her into the nurse’s office where she changed my wet diaper for a clean one. Up to this point I had been very careful not to do anything that would alert anyone to the fact I was diapered, but wearing them the entire campout was going to be hard.

It only took an hour before someone noticed that I was wearing a diaper and started teasing me, but one of the camp counselors put a quick stop to that and made sure everyone knew it was not a big deal. As embarassing as it was, I loved it. I had been wearing diapers to bed for years and always secretly loved it. This was like a dream come true.

All I could think about was being diapered and it was a great feeling. I realized since the nurse was convinced I was incontinent, I might be able to push that a bit farther and do something I hadn’t been able to do in a long time – mess my diaper. So, shortly after dinner I took the plunge and dropped a big load in my diaper. It felt great, but it stunk bad. Not wanting to be teased even more than before, I went to the nurse’s office and told her I needed to change myself. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice and would let me change myself, but she insisted on doing it. It felt great having someone change my messy diaper, but it was probably one of the most embarassing moments of my life.

The next couple days went pretty much the same and it was great. I was a bit concerned with all my friends wondering why I wasn’t wearing diapers all the time when we got back, but I figured I would tell them it was the product of some medication or something. It ended up not being an issue, as nobody ever mentioned it after camp.

I am now in my mid-20s and have a great girlfriend that loves my adult baby side. She’s very kinky herself and we love to please each other. I’ll tell you more about her and I in another letter at a later date. Thanks for reading this far!

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