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Bedwetter's Punishment – by Bill

November 20, 2009

The following is a true life account of the diaper punishment I endured from the ages of ten to thirteen. I have told this story before and have had many people claim it couldn’t possibly have happened. You just need to keep in mind that I am 41 years old and grew up in the seventies. Things were much different back them. Children were spanked often and I don’t mean a pat on the butt. I mean a butt blistering, can’t sit for a week ass whooping. Many parents also used humiliation as a form of control or punishment. If you didn’t grow up in those times, you are lucky.

Anyway, I started puberty when I was ten years old. There were a lot of things in body going through changes. It somehow affected my bladder and led to me wetting my bed. The first couple times it happened, my mother just told me accidents happen and not to worry about it. After four wet beds in two weeks though, she was not pleased. She insisted I was simply too lazy to get out of bed and use the toilet, so she began to punish me when I wet the bed. It started off with spankings, but when the bedwetting didn’t stop she escalated to diaper punishment.

One day at the grocery store, she walked down the baby aisle and started perusing the baby diapers. She grabbed a big box of the largest size Pampers(yes they came in a box back then) and commented that hopefully they would fit me. Knowing that she intended those diapers for me, I was suddenly struck by intense embarassment at walking around the store with diapers in the cart. Of course, in hindsight, most people would assume I had a baby sibling, but my ten year old mind insisted everyone knew they were for me. On the way home, she told me that from now on I will wear diapers to bed every night. And if I wake up wet, I will wears diapers the entire next day as well. If I stayed dry for one solid week, I would not be required to wear diapers to bed anymore.

It only took a couple days before I wet the bed again. Of course, this time I wet the diaper. When Mom found out, she told me that I knew the rules. She also added that diapers were expensive, so she would change me after I pooped. As per my daily routine, that poop came shortly after breakfast. I didn’t think there was any way I would be able to poop in a diaper, but the cramps didn’t give me much choice. When I went to tell Mom what I had done so she could change me, she told me she was busy with her needlepoint and would change me when she was done. That was two hours later.

Many people tell stories about how they weren’t allowed to cover their diapers or were purposely humiliated with public displays, but that never happened to me. I wore normal clothes every day, but I had a diaper on under my pants some days. Unfortunately, that also included school days, though she would always change me promptly after a messy diaper on school days.

This went on for over two years and I never did manage to stay dry for an entire week. In fact, at some points, I was diapered for a week or more thanks to nightly wetting. The wetting slowed down as my body began to settle into it’s post puberty stage and stopped altogether when I was almost fourteen. According to my therapist, and it makes sense to me, my diaper fetish and desire for diaper punishment was most likely triggered by the diaper punishment treatment during the most formative period of my sexual life – puberty.

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  1. I believe this happenend to you because similar things happened to me. Thank you for helping us all know we are not alone.

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