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Best Diapered Christmas Ever!

December 26, 2018

Hi Mr Washington. I won your monthly contest a couple years ago for a case of diapers and wanted to say thank you again. I’m not sure if I’m exempted from winning again, but I have another story to relate either way. 🙂

Today was both the most amazing and most humiliating day of my life and I thought I would share. For Christmas, my Daddy promised me a full day of diaper punishment. Usually, we go to his family’s house for Christmas, but his brother was away on business and his parents decided to travel for the holidays. Since we are both incredibly busy in our day to day lives, we rarely get the opportunity to get really involved in any deep scenes and this gave us the perfect opportunity.

We started the day opening presents. Daddy wouldn’t let me change my wet diaper that I slept in, so I was thoroughly soaked as unwrapped two cases of diapers, four onesies, a new set of restraints and a custom made tawse with my name on it.

After opening presents, he reached down the back of my diaper and slid two suppositories into my butt. He told me I wouldn’t be getting a change until I messed myself, so he was just helping things along. The suppositories had me cramping the entire time I was cooking, but I wanted to wait until after breakfast to take that step.

It didn’t work that way and I ended up filling my diaper just before serving food. It smelled bad, but Daddy pretended not to notice. I ate my breakfast at the coffee table, sitting up on my knees. Daddy used to make me sit in my own mess, but after a couple bad leaks he stopped insisting on that step.

The next step was a bath, but I had to take care of the dirty diaper first. Daddy put me in the shower and used the detachable sprayer to clean it all away. When the water ran clear, he moved me to the tub for a bubble bath. Using a washcloth, he cleaned me from head to toe. He was rough and his fingers strayed a lot. It was amazing.

Once I was clean, he let me play in the tub for about twenty minutes. When it was time to get out, he took me to our room and put me into a Rearz Safari diaper with two of the older Abrilet boosters. It was super thick and I loved it!

We cuddled and watched Christmas movies for a few hours. Daddy got really hard while rubbing my bottom, so I gave him a long, slow blowjob.

By mid-afternoon, I was desperate to experience the new tawse he bought me, so I started playing with it. He knew what I wanted and he didn’t disappoint. He was already prepared with a laundry list of things I had done wrong over the last few months and promised me an appropriate beating.

In the dining room, he unfastened the top tapes on my diaper and pulled it down to the middle of my thighs. He bent me over the table and used the new restraints to strap my wrists to the other side. After making a comment about not trusting me out of diapers, he slid a butt plug into my ass. It had been a while since I had anything in my bottom, so I squealed a bit as he pushed it home.

Using his hand, he gave me a good long warm-up with lots of butt rubs. When he picked up the tawse, I was ready. The first blow was a mix of intense pain and an unbelievable amount of pleasure. He didn’t stop there though. Over and over he landed that thing across my ass until I was bawling – both from pain and pleasure.

I don’t know how close Daddy was to finishing when we were interrupted. Neither of us heard them enter and we were both stunned when my best friend Jeri and her husband Andrew came running around the corner.

Andrew looked like he was ready to kill someone and went directly toward Daddy. Apparently they thought he was abusing me, and to Andrew’s credit, he was willing to put himself between me and a man twice his size. Jeri ran to my side to help me, but I was so humiliated I could only scream for them to get out.

It took a moment, but Jeri quickly realized this was a kinky thing and not domestic abuse. She had to pull Andrew away, because he was focused solely on Daddy and hadn’t noticed the obvious signs it was consensual. They left the house and went to their car, where Jeri texted me to let her know when it was clear.

Daddy and I quickly sorted things out and I changed into pajamas and a bathrobe. Then I invited them back into the house to talk. Part of me wanted to just end our friendship to avoid that discussion, but we have been friends for almost 15 years and I wasn’t ready to throw that away.

I wasn’t sure how to start the conversation, but I didn’t need to. As soon as Jeri and I were alone in my room, she flat out told me not to be embarrassed because she likes to be spanked too. She told me the diapers weren’t her thing, but she had worn them a few times to cushion a bruised bottom. I think my brain would have literally exploded if it wasn’t encased in my skull. Lol

To prove to me that she wasn’t just making it up, she pulled down her pants and showed me the bruised remnants of a week old spanking. She was relieved to know that I was kinky, because she had been very careful to hide that part of herself from me to avoid damaging our friendship.

I bet you’re wondering why they showed up at our house on Christmas. Well, when they found out we weren’t going to his parent’s house, they felt bad that we wouldn’t have Christmas dinner. So, they cooked dinner and brought it to our house as a surprise. When they heard the sounds of Daddy beating me and me bawling, they opened the unlocked door and came to the rescue.

After our talk, we sat down to dinner and laughed about the whole thing. Jeri told us about some spanking parties they go to and asked us to come with them at some point. Daddy and I are both intrigued and hope to be able to do it. Unfortunately, we have found that the spanking community isn’t usually very open to the idea of diaper punishment and our schedules really are hectic and make it hard to schedule time together. Either way, Jeri and Andrew are very open to come private play with us as well.

Anyway, I wanted to share that while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’m excited for the future once again. 🙂

~ Dana

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