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Birthday Girl Session This Morning

September 29, 2011

Had a great session this morning with a girl that comes for punishment every few months or so. She emailed me last night to tell me today was her birthday and she wanted nothing more than a couple hours in my punishment nursery. She had to be at work at 10am, so I told her to be here at 6am.

At 6:15, she rings the doorbell and I let her in. I admonish her for being late as we head downstairs to the punishment nursery. She strips off her clothes as I get some things ready. Once she is naked, I lock her into the pillory and tell her she is getting her first birthday spanking. It’s her 29th birthday, so 29 strokes of a hard wooden paddle to start. Since she was late though, I decide to start off with an equal number of swats with the leather belt.

She was already bawling and trying to escape the pillory by the end of the belt spanking, but I know her well at this point. She hates the belt, which is why it was used as punishment for being late. I give her a couple minutes to calm down before I begin with the wooden paddle. The paddle is a different story for her. As much as it hurts, she loves the sensation of it striking her ass. After 29 strokes with the paddle, her ass is quite bruised and see is sweating profusely. She must have had two orgasms during the paddling.

Next comes the part she both loves and hates. She has this thing for ‘feeling full’ as she puts it. The feeling of desperately needing to poop, but being unable to, is her biggest turn on. In addition to this, she loves being very thickly diapered at the same time.

First, I fill a two quart enema bag to the brim with a bit of liquid glycerin mixed in. An inflatable enema nozzle is attached to the hose and inserted into her ass. I inflate the nozzle a dozen times, which gives the immediate sensation of desperately needing to poop. The bag is hung about three feet above her ass and the nozzle is opened only slightly to allow for a slow fill. This will ensure that the feeling of desperation is constant. With the flow set to low and her already feeling the effects, I move on to the next part.

I pull out six Bambino diapers. Three medium and three large. It’s a bit difficult to diaper someone while they are locked in the pillory, but I’ve actually gotten quite good at it over the years. As I tape on each diaper, I cut drainage slits into each one. By the time the sixth diaper is on, it’s clear she won’t be walking normal once released. I then set the 1 hour kitchen timer and place it in front of her face, so she can watch the hour slowly tick down.

At the end of the hour, the timer alarm sounds. I return to the punishment nursery and deflate the plug before pulling it through the legband of her diapers. The timer is reset for another hour. I watch and listen from the other room as she explodes into the diapers. It only takes about ten minutes to release the enema, but she must endure for the full hour.

With fifteen minutes remaining, I decide to give her a birthday surprise. She is clearly quite turned on by what has transpired so far, so I pull out the magic wand(giant vibrator) and go to work on her pussy through the thick diapers. There is an immediate reaction from her and I can see her entire body flushing bright red. Within the first minute, she has a massive orgasm. I keep at it for another ten minutes and give her two more smaller orgasms.

The timer alarm triggers and it’s time to let her out. She waddles slowly to the changing table, where I remove her filthy diapers and dispose of them into a large trash bag. She is quite sweaty, so I send her to the shower knowing she is headed straight to work. After her shower, I put her into a pink pullup in case the enema caused any leaking. Then she got dressed. We talked about normal things for a few minutes and then she left.

All in all it was a great morning and I’m happy I was able to make her dream a reality on her birthday. I just wish she was willing to have it recorded and shared. Oh well. Can’t win them all. =)

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  1. I’m not sure if glycerin actually comes in a liquid, but I’m sure it does. I actually just shred the glycerin tabs and dissolve them in water to make liquid glycerin.

    The amount I use it the recommended dose of 1-2 tabs. Safety first. =)

      1. Well, receiving enemas on a daily basis would be bad, as it flushes out all the beneficial bacteria from your lower colon. They repropogate quickly though, so once or twice a week should be safe. =)

  2. Hi there
    I loved reading this, me and my wife want to try it. What inflatable nozzle type was used, bardex style or butt plug? Also can you confirm how much glycerine is in the suppositories so we can do exactly the same.

    The whole scenario sounded very hot, thanks to you and your sub for sharing 🙂

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