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Brandy’s Sorority Days

October 4, 2015

Hi DaddyJ. My name is Brandy and I love your site. I’ve read a lot of the stories on here and watched so many videos. I wish I could get my husband to participate in such activities, but unfortunately he only does so very rarely. Anyways, I wanted to share my own origin story, if you will, of how I came to love being diapered.

You see, when I was in college, I joined a sorority. I didn’t want to at first, but my friends pressured me into it. Unlike the movies, we didn’t have a ‘hell week’, we had an initiation night. It was mostly just an excuse to have a party, but they mixed it up with games for the new girls. They would pause the party and ask us questions about the sorority rules, guidelines and history. Apparently we were supposed to read the entire booklet they had given us, which I had not. Of course, everything was voluntary, but refusing to play would not make a good impression on the other members.

The rules were simple. They would ask us each questions about the history of the sorority, rules of the house, etc. If you answered incorrectly, you had to strip off one item of clothing. First person naked would become house baby for the rest of the night.

Thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol at the party, none of the new girls did very well and we were quickly losing our clothes. Fortunately for the other girls, however, I dressed for a party and did not wear a bra or panties. After only four wrong answers, I was nude and intoxicated in the middle of a sorority party. That only lasted a few moments, though, as a few of the girls ushered me out of the room and up the stairs.

They took me into one of the bedrooms and laid me down on the bed. Then one of them pulled out a disposable adult diaper and asked if I was ready. I was embarrassed by the prospect, but I knew it was all fun and games and I didn’t want to risk my position in the sorority. One of the girls, who I later learned was studying to be a nurse, very expertly rolled me back and forth a couple times as she put the diaper on me. Then she repeated the procedure two more times as she added a second and third diaper to make it thick and obvious.

I’ve always been submissive, so being controlled this way and put in this position was already affecting my headspace. I chalked it up to the alcohol at the time, but I remember being so incredibly turned on by the girl wrapping the diaper around my mid section and taping it up.

I was helped to my feet by the other two girls as she unfolded a t-shirt and pulled it over my head. It had the sorority logo on the front and was basically a belly shirt that seemed to accentuate the diaper I was wearing. Then we headed back down to the party, where everyone was cheering and laughing at how I was dressed.

The rest of the night, I seemed to be the life of the party. The sorority girls would make a point of ‘checking my diaper’ or patting my ass as they walked by. Every guy there seemed to want to talk to me. I just tried to enjoy my new found fame and kept drinking and dancing.

I woke up the next morning on the couch, still wearing the same outfit. My head was throbbing and I really didn’t feel well. Nausea hit me bad, so I waddled to the bathroom kneeled in front of the toilet. As I waited for the inevitable, I realized my bladder wasn’t full and reaching into the diaper I could tell it was soaked. Apparently I had gotten so drunk, I pissed myself.

After an hour of praying to the porcelain gods, a couple of the girls came to help me get cleaned up. The same nursing student that put the diaper on me, removed it and they put me in the bathtub and washed me. They even brought a bottle of water that they kept feeding me like a baby bottle(not intentionally on their part, but it seemed that way to me).

One my head cleared, they told me what a great sport I was and how happy they were to have me as part of the sorority. It was a great moment in my life for several reason; I gained an amazing family that helped me so much over the next few years, and I learned that my submissive side really liked the humiliation of being diapered.

I am now 34 years old. My husband is my Dom, but he’s not particularly fond of the diapers. He does use them on occasion, which is usually my birthday, valentine’s day and times when he is feeling like I deserve something special. However, I have been craving them more and more as time has passed and I worry about how it will affect our relationship.

Well, that is my story. I hope you’re able to post it. Thanks again for everything you do for those of us that rely on porn for our fix. 😉

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