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Castor Oil Punishment by Carolyn

August 11, 2015

Hello MrWashington,

I would just like to say that I am quite displeased with you. Daddy was perusing your site and found a video where you gave one of the girls castor oil. He decided that it would be an appropriate punishment for me when I used the toilet without permission(I hate messing my diaper).

The castor oil tasted horrible and it was really thick and slimy. That itself was enough punishment in my eyes. But the real punishment was when Daddy put on my locking plastic pants and made me sleep in the dog cage. He gave me a bottle of apple juice and two bottles of water to make sure I stayed hydrated.

At first, the taste was the only bad thing that happened. That is until I woke up at 4am with a serious need to poop! I wanted to call out to Daddy, but I knew it wouldn’t help and he would just punish me more.

I tried to hold it in, but then I started to cramp and I knew it was no use. So, I got up on my hands and knees and let go. Even though I had hoped it would be solid, I wasn’t surprised when a hot liquid mess shot out of my ass and filled every part of the diaper. It was disgusting and I started to itch right away.

Miserable, I just lay on my stomach with my head on the pillow and my feet in the air. I hoped Daddy would come and change me soon, but I knew he wouldn’t be awake for hours, so I tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, just as I was starting to doze off, another spasm hit me and I filled the diaper even more.

For several hours, the diarrhea sapped me of my strength as I filled the diaper to capacity. Looking down, I could see it starting to leak out of the leg bands into the plastic pants and it made me cry. To stay hydrated, I slowly drank all of the bottles Daddy had left for me, which also led to a full bladder.

When I released my bladder, I immediately regretted it. What had been a minor itch for hours, became a full-fledged torturous itch. I began rubbing my diapered butt against the cage and the floor for relief, but it didn’t really help. I just lay there exhausted and angry until Daddy came to get me. He apologized for punishing me this way and swore he didn’t realize how bad it would be. I asked him to promise to never do it again, but he only promised to keep a closer eye on me next time. *pout*

In closing, please stop giving Daddy such ideas. It’s mean and I blame you! 😛


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  1. I think I know my Punishment if I was your daddy I let you use your poopy diaper Squish it in my face not one diaper but 100 you can bury me 100 poopy diapers

  2. Sounds like an appropriate punishment. If it was enjoyable, you wouldn’t learn a lesson. You should appreciate your daddy for taking the time to discipline you. And you should thank Mr. Washington for offering the knowledge to make it possible. Perhaps your daddy needs to spank you for being disrespectful.

  3. I had a similar experience and never dreamed caster would have such a profound effect. I was caught twice when I was supposed to be wearing a diaper and had been warned for awhile that a punishment would be coming at some point in the future.

    Some slight differences though was I didn’t realize the punishment had been being set up for several days as I was starting to be given several multivitamins every morning leading up to the weekend that the punishment had been planned. I’ve been used to taking those to stay healthy but the two new ones were actually high dose fiber and as the week went on I noticed it getting harder and harder to only have my every other day BM in the morning before work. The Friday beginning of the weekend I received a text that I would need to be diapered for work and to make sure I stayed hydrated and to not worry about it because I would be diapered and shouldn’t have any fears or concerns of having an accident. The day went on as normal and although I was wet for most of the afternoon, overall things weren’t that bad so I wrapped up my day and headed home.

    Daddy knows my schedule and while driving home I received a text asking if I had eaten yet and asking if I had done as instructed and stayed hydrated (and after confirming) was told to stop into somewhere fast food and order a wrap and two large iced teas.

    What had been an ever shortening schedule began to take over when I was filling up the cups at the drink station and I felt things taking over and quickly left the restaurant. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to my car and began to fill my diaper in a way I had not experienced before and had to stand outside my drivers door as my bottom greatly filled my diaper and I even felt it stretch my plastic pants.

    For a moment I felt relieved that it was over when the realization hit me that in order to make it the rest of the way home I was going to have to sit down in the mess I had just made and that was absolutely a humiliating experience as the mess went everywhere inside my diaper and into the plastic pants.

    What made this a bit worse, is Daddy was actually gone for the weekend and he had shared he would be providing me all instructions remotely and had “ways” of making sure I wasn’t breaking any of the rules. Based on his guidelines, I did text and ask permission to change as soon as I got home and received an approval with a warning that I hadn’t actually experienced the punishment that Daddy had planned.

    The evening seemed to be going ok and we had been Instant Messaging back and forth when it was getting pretty late and I was getting tired and asked permission to go to bed. He told me that I needed to go to the refrigerator first and look for a white paper back and the second to bottom shelf and without opening it shake it for about a minute then Text him for what I was supposed to do next.

    I did as I was told and when I texted him back he told me to open the bag. I couldn’t tell when I was shaking it that I was shaking a bottle because the cap was on but when I took it out I could see about a 8oz baby bottle of chocolate milk. I was told to go lay down and start sucking as fast as I could and discovered he had cut the nipple which caused the milk to flow out very fast and it had wayyyyyyy more chocolate than I usually like which I though made it taste pretty bad.

    Sooooooo now comes the similar experience. I head off to bed, diapered for the night, already a little bit wet, protected by a plastic diaper cover, onesie, and my footie pajamas. Around 3:30am I awoke for some pretty severe cramping and it immediately hit me that diarrhea was about to shoot into my diaper. In a panic I tried to jump out of bed and the sudden jerk, overall motion and jumping up wayyyy too quick caused my bottom to absolutely explode and not only did it fill the back, front, sides of my diaper – it poured out the front and the back into the plastic pants and then proceeded to overflow the plastic pants now messing my onesie and into my footie pajamas.

    I chose to just stay dressed and got into the shower to begin rinsing off my clothes and I guess I’m actually lucky I didn’t have to stay in my mess the rest of the night like Carolyn did but I can say caster with several days of fiber leading up to a punishment is really, really humiliating.

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