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  1. hmmmm…..a week in diapers probably means I’d be forced to mess 4-5 times(assuming my mistress feeds me to maximize my messing and I try holding it in as long as possible) so that could get really embarassing….tough choice, 50 swats sounds quite painful

    1. I would choose the diaper for a week. I like to be in diapers anyway. you just mess in your diaper and enjoy it.

  2. I’d choose diapers in a heartbeat I’d love to spend a week in diapers. kind of a fantasy I’ve had for years.

  3. I would say both just to be frisky exspecially if its that girl in the pic hitting me with the paddle then diapering me

  4. I just got caught wearing a pampers, I was told that i have to wear diapers until she decides otherwise or she’ll tell everybody I’m a sissy baby. I asked how long I have to wear diapers for and she said 4 months for each diaper I have. What should I do I have 40 diapers I’m so scared please help

  5. uh oh looks like your going to be wearing diapers for the next 13 years. If I was her I would have said a year for each diaper or just forever. Hope you like wearing diapers little sissy baby girl you got what you wished for

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