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Christine Caught in Diapers

April 13, 2010

Christine is enjoying a day in diapers with the house all to herself. Her roommates went shopping in the city and wouldn’t be back for at least eight hours. Wearing a thick cloth diaper and transparent plastic pants under her skirt, she accidentally dozes off on the couch. When the roommates return, Christine is caught in diapers. They tease and torment her as they try to get her to remove her skirt and show them the full diaper. She will never live this one down.

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  1. I watch this one over and over wishing this was happening to me. I certainly would not be resistant if I was caught in my diaper and plastic pants. Just add my plastic bib and my day would be perfect!!!!

  2. It would be great to see the sequel to this where the other 2 girls who are doing the teasing end up asking her if they can try diapers and plastic pants too. Thanks for sharing this one!

  3. Christine…no wonder ,you got caught in a diaper and plasteek panties..I was hoping the two girls who caught you should’ve smacked your naughty bottom,put you in a fresh double terrycloth diaper..and take you to the park and then we will all know that deep down This is what you love & Need…

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