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Cross Country Move – by Ronald

May 31, 2015

Hey DaddyJ,

I just heard that you are moving back to the west coast and it reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago. Figured I would write about it for your contest, if you’ll have it. 😀

Anyway, a few years ago I moved from Arizona to Florida for work. After having everything planned out, I was notified by my new job that my start date would be delayed by five weeks and with that delay came a delay in my new house. They gave me an allowance to stay in a hotel during that period, but I decided to try another approach.

I posted ads on all the kinky sites I could find looking for a kink-friendly room for rent. Several responses didn’t pan out, as they were either in really bad neighborhoods or they weren’t okay with my diaper fetish. Then, just as I was about to give up the search and reserve a hotel, I got a response from a woman about two hours from where I was moving.

She wanted a lot more money than I was expecting to pay, but the reasons definitely made it worthwhile. As a naturally dominant woman, she offered me a room and her services as a caregiver for $1,000 a week. For that price, she would keep me in diapers and change both wet and messy diapers. I would be expected to follow her rules or risk punishment. To ensure that I abided by her rules, she demanded a $2,500 deposit upon arrival. Failure to accept any punishment she deemed necessary would result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of my deposit. It almost seemed too good to be true, but after a long phone call I realized she was very real and I decided to go for it.

Her rules were very straightforward and seemed perfectly reasonable. Breaking the rules would bring swift and stern punishment and a promise that all spankings would end in tears.
• No toilet privileges.
• Diapers would be worn at all times and would be changed twice a day.
• I would eat the healthy food she prepared. No special requests or junk food.
• Bed time at 9pm unless other arrangements needed to be made.
• Bedroom must be kept clean and bed made unless I’m in it.
• Personal hygiene must be attended to daily.

When I showed up, I had the deposit and first week’s rent ready in cashier’s checks. She took me straight to my new room and helped me unpack my suitcases. Then she gave me a bath and washed me from head to toe. After my bath, she had me lay on the bed while she diapered me. It was the first time another person had ever done so and I was suddenly quite embarrassed.

Things went great the first week and I was loving life. I didn’t want it to end. However, that changed when she made broccoli with dinner one night and I didn’t eat it. After clearing everything else on my plate, I scraped the broccoli into the garbage can without thinking. She got very upset with me and dragged me to her room by my ear.

While standing next to her bed, she unfastened the top tapes on my diaper and pulled it down to my knees. It was soaking wet, but she didn’t seem to care as she pulled me across her lap. I had never been spanked, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I felt her hairbrush land hard across my ass and I tensed up. I tried to bear through it, but after about ten swats I jumped off her lap and covered my ass. She just looked at me for a minute until I composed myself and then reminded me that if I didn’t accept my full punishment, I would have to leave and would forfeit my deposit. In the midst of a cross country move, it wasn’t something I could afford and I knew it. So, back over her lap I went and it took all of my willpower to keep my hands in front of me.

After another thirty swats or so, I began to cry in earnest. When I felt snot bubbles in my nose, she finally stopped and helped me stand up. She pulled my diaper back up and refastened the tapes, then embraced me until I stopped blubbering. I quickly realized that as much as I despised the spanking, I loved the head space it put me in and was glad that I got to experience it.

A couple days after that incident, I stubbed my toe and cursed loudly several times. For that I was punished by being put in the corner for an hour with a bar of soap in my mouth while I drooled all over myself and the towel I stood on.

During the rest of my stay, I was only punished a few more times. Two hours in the corner for not making my bed before breakfast. Another spanking to tears for breaking curfew when I had to go meet the realtor for keys to my new house. I was late due to traffic, but she insisted excuses did not forgive violations.

The worst punishment I got was after I yelled a string of insults at my ex-wife on the phone one day. For that, I got spanked with my own leather belt while bent over the sink with a bar of soap in my mouth, then an enema before being sent to bed early. She put me in plastic pants for the first time that night to make sure the diaper didn’t leak.

At the end of our term, I packed my stuff and was given back my deposit. I went back to visit for the occasional weekend and holiday for a couple years, but she moved to Vermont early last year.

I hope you’re able to post this letter. I love your site and hope to see much more of your work in the future!


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  1. That like a true mother from God a loving mother If i get chance I might do it but have to courage to do it.

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